Kieslect Lady Watch L11 Review: Your Latest Pink Fitness Tracker with Sp02 Monitor


Kieslect Lady Watch L11 is intended for woman with style and straightforwardness, how about we start this survey

Design and Display

This woman watch looks amazing to me, charming and exquisite. The entire body is made of Aluminum compound, and pink shading painted, light weight 21.9g as it were. Inside the container is simply the watch, a little client manual in English and an accusing link of an attractive connector. Standard for spending plan smartwatches.

Kieslect L11 Lady Smartwatch

2.1 Elegant Curved Screen

Kieslect Lady Watch L11 has a 2.5D bended screen, 1.09″ show, covered with glass focal point, we can see its delightful “bend” from the side. And all gadgets breezed through salt shower assessment to ensure screen is spotless constantly.

Kieslect L11 Lady Smartwatch

2.2 Crown Side Button

The side button is exceptionally intriguing, with a crown shape, that is the reason maker say it’s a watch intended for woman.

2.3 Rose Pink Color and Free Extra Belt

What’s woman’s number one tones? Pink will be No.1 Choice. In the event that you don’t care for this tone, we can change the watch belt tones, supplanting it with an elective wristband or tie is simple. The clasp of the tie is exemplary, painted dark and with the maker’s logo.

2.4 Dynamic Watch Faces

There are a couple of watch appearances to DIY, changed styles and various plans. 4 styles in watch itself and 50+ watch countenances can be downloaded from APP, you can likewise put own appearances on it with the assistance of APP.

2.5 Lady Period Reminder and Water Drink Reminder

Period update and water drink update will be useful. Kieslect has period update page here, slide right the screen and you’ll see it, and you should begin this capacity and settle your period on APP.

Downloading the APP, you can filter the QR code toward the rear of the bundle.

Adjacent to, Incoming call update , Reject calls, SMS, Notification push from APP, Alarm Clock, Sedentary Reminder, Low Battery Reminer are fundamental .

Heart Rate and Spo2 Blood Oxygen

This smartwatch has an inherent optical sensor with a high level calculation for constant checking of pulse. This is an especially valuable component in sports, wellness, and different exercises, just as during rest. Also, the what tops off an already good thing might be the capacity of checking the degree of oxygen in the blood (immersion). kieslect L11 Lady Smartwatch screens the difference in this marker and stores chronicled information. They can fill in as a caution for low hemoglobin – a condition that, whenever proceeded for quite a while, can prompt harm to specific organs like the cerebrum and heart.

9 Fitness Sport Mode

Same with all Fitness Sports Smartwatch, Kieslect Lady Watch L11 upholds checking of 9 game modes, and it’s IP68 waterproof:

  • Running
  • Strolling
  • Cycling
  • Climbing
  • Turning Bike
  • Yoga
  • Set-ups

Message Notifications

Also, There are best features where you can easily locate the message notification. Its not the end here you can also read the messages easily whenever you want where ever you want. It is very simple to use all you need to just wear and go anywhere you will receive your messages.

Connect to Smart phone

Kieslect Lady Watch L11 can be easily connect to your smartphone. Also, gives you features like where you can receive and control your media without any trouble. follow the simple steps and yes here you go its connected and use the features wherever you want.

15 Languages

Kieslect Lady Watch L11 has 15 dialects for you to pick, Russian, Indonesian, German, Italian, Czech, Japanese, French, Polish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Arabic, Korean. In the event that your telephone language isn’t recorded here, it will utilize English consequently.


Kieslect Lady Watch L11 is another best smartwatch in the market. It gives you everything you are looking for? So, what are you waiting for? you can easily buy and use this product.

Where To Buy

To get the more information about the Kieslect Lady Watch L11 visit their officials facebook page Kieslect .


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