KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser Engraving Machine 2000mW Logo Mark Printer in $66.99 @TOMTOP DEAL


KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser is a multifunctional laser etching machine that is little and versatile and can be set straightforwardly on the surface of any level of protest for etching. It tends to be engraved in an assortment of materials.

KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser design is really cool, it comes with the Air conditioning 110-230V with the voltage of  5V 2A. KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser also comes with the laser control of 2000mW with the Laser wavelength 405mm. It has the  Cutting precision 0.05mm.

There is no base underneath, no restriction to the size, stature, and bearing of the etching upgrade the common sense of DIY. KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser is Creative rail configuration, etching range expanded to 80mm With the defensive focal point, no compelling reason to utilize glasses, more opportunity. The Outside control catch, more advantageous; mist debilitate fan can suck away etching mist, and won’t smoke the image.

Inside contains exceptionally incorporated imported chip and high accuracy laser control hardware. KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser also Turn the laser left and appropriate to center, the littler the center, the better the etching impact, the higher the accuracy. Etching application run: paper, wood, bamboo, plastic, calfskin, elastic, acrylic, metal painted surface, and so forth.

KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser has the best design and excellent features. its also has the best 2000mw laser control. you can easily buy KKmoon DIY Compact Desktop Laser  from Tomtop with the price of $66.99


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