Know Everything Here about Google I/O 2017 Before Official Conference


The annual Google I/O developer conference will be released on May 17 in California, it will last three days from May 17 to May 19. Google often announces their new product plan at Google I/O 2017. Let’s see what will come out about Google I/O 2017.

Android 8.0 OS

Google will release Android system new version, you may see Android developer preview edition, Android8.0. It may add some favorite elements, including improving battery life, PIP function and notification function under sleep state.  Meanwhile, we may not see Google Pixel 2 at this conference, although Google Pixel 2 may use Google Android8.0 OS soon, it may be released until October, 2017.

Google Home Smart Speaker

At last I/O press, Google releases its first Smart Speaker, Google Home, which is a vocie instruction center, connecting and controling all of your smart home devices. Although we can’t confirm Google will release Google Home 2 smart speaker, it is possible to some extent. If Google doesn’t release the second generation of Google Home, at least we may see Google Home extension software update.

Google Assistant and AI

Google Home smart speaker and Google digital voice helper software are released at same time, Google Assistant has been used on some Google platform, such as Android wear, Android Auto and Google Pixel smartphone. Its functions have been added continously, At I/O conference, we can see some new functions of Google Assistant.

Google Daydream and Virtual Realty

Last year, Google releases View VR headset to support Daydream platform, Google still invests VR, for example, it has purchased VR game room, Owlchemy labs. So if Google announces some news about VR, we will not feel surprise. Google AR platform, Tango has merged into VR department. So we will see some progress in combination of VR and AR. If Google releases more camera and remote controller to integrate VR and AR, which will be a very proud thing.

Android Wear 2.0

At Google I/O 2016, Google announces to release smartwatch android OS, Android Wear 2.0. But until Feb. 2017, it has been finally released. So we will not see Android Wear 3.0 come out at this year I/O, but we can see some new functions added on Android Wear 2.0.

Therefore, we will see the result about Google I/O 2017 on Wednesday, just focus here, we will bring you more first news.


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