Koogeek Smart Plug Review, A Hands Free Outlet


Did you remember the phrase from Alibaba and the forty thieves? open sesame? in that tale is mention that it was a cave that can be open using a voice command “Open sesame” and thanks to magic the big gate would open in front of you. Koogeek has accomplish something similar, now, thanks to virtual assistants you can give orders to an outlet like in the tale.


This is a  tiny device which packs a few interesting features, Length: 2.30in / 58.50mm Width: 2.30in / 58.50mm and weight 76 grams. It has the classic design from the outlet standard for America and Japan, made from ABS white plastic.


Koogeeks P2 principal feature from this outlet is that receive orders from Alexa or Siri, once is configured it can works only paired with those virtual assistant, like stand alone. It can work with 110v and 240v current. Thanks to its led ring it can work like night light.

Works with Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa, so you can use this services even to configure the device for the first time, not even WPS needed. It comes in different packages, 2, 3, 4 and 6 plugs per box.


Apart for the fact the Koogeek P2 has voice control enabled, it also works with an app, it can receive orders via an App, and the more interesting optinon, thanks to the App you can monitor your power consumption. Here in iGeekPhone we are thinking to plug one SmartPlug on every outlet in order to monitor our behavior and learn how to save money on energy bill.

It really does what it meant to be, a tiny device that transform your residence in to a state of the hart IoT house, “The House From The Future” .



This is one of the gadgets that every geek needs in their house, is really easy to pass from a regular and boring house to a geeky house in 10 minutes, so you can impress unexpected visitors turning on and off every household in your house thanks to the voice activated command trough Alexa or Siri. Now has been released so you can buy it in Koogeek official product page.


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