Koogeek’s World Football Cup Activity a Great Opportunity to Watch Matches & Win the Prize with Big Discount up to 60% off on Some Products


The FIFA World Cup 2018 is just around the corner and in a bid to build more hype around the hotly anticipated quadrennial international football tournament; Koogeek is offering Up to 60% off on some products & Watch Matches & Win the prize Activity. Besides, hanging out with friends, eating pizza and watching the world cup and win some exciting prizes.

In addition to the contest, Koogeek has included in the catalog Amazon many new accessories in super discount, all compatible with the Apple HomeKit. All discounted products are available below.

  • Koogeek Smart Bulb – 30% OFF
  • Koogeek Smart Light Switch – 30% OFF
  • Koogeek Smart Light Strip – 60% OFF
  • Koogeek Blood Pressure Monitor – 30% OFF

The Watch Matches & Win the prize Activity rules for participating are very simple, so check out the rules and details below because I am sure you will find something that fits into your living style for yourself, family, special friends, or children to make you or their lives better with style:

  • Must login to enter the game.
  • Vote the team you support, if the match result is the same as your vote, you will gain 10 points for each match.
  • You can cast your vote for the match result before the match begins. Once the match begins, it will not be allowed to vote.
  • Every day you can come to vote for all matches which begin on that day.
  • We will update the match result every day, so your points will be updated every day too.
  • Gain 640 points, you will get the first prize. Gain points between 530 and 630, you will get the second prize. Gain points between 400 and 520, you will get the third prize. Good Luck!
  • The first prize is a big gift pack that includes one smart bulb, one smart socket, one smart LED light strip, one door & window sensor, and one arm blood press monitor.
  • The second prize is a small gift pack that includes one smart bulb and one smart LED light strip.
  • The third prize is the smart LED light strip.
  • In addition to the above prizes, we will randomly choose 50 lucky winners, they will gain the door & window sensor.
  • After 2018 World Football Cup ended, if you win the prize, please send an email with the headline “The Winner of The Koogeek Game” to marketing@koogeek.com, and provide your email which you used to log in our site and the total points you gain in the game.
  • Winners will be posted on Koogeek facebook page, please keep your eye on our facebook page.
  • Koogeek reserves the right to the final explanation of this game.

We recall that Koogeek’s World Football Cup activity are not just the ones we’ve shown you. To know them in full Details &Watch Matches & Win the prize Activity, we refer you to the dedicated page of the Manufacturer’s Site until 15th July.


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