KOSPET Prime 2 Comes With a 3D-Sensing Camera & MediaTek Helio P22


The Kospet Prime was one of the standard-sized smartwatches with long life, recently multiple sources claim Kospet will release the upcoming Prime 2 model this year. The release data, appearance, camera are not released by the official yet. Rumors suggested that Kospet Prime 2 will have a 3D-sensing camera, over the past 10 years. The consumer electronics market has experienced a slow adoption of 3D depth-sensing technology, will a 3D sensing camera appeared on Prime 2? Is Kospet going to rock the world with this new model? We have to wait for the official to reveal more information.

The first-hand resource said that Prime 2 was equipped with MediaTek Helio P22, in-line with the existing MediaTek Helio P series. This P22 has incredible low-light performance, multi-frame noise reduction. And clear-image zoom technology, allowing for an optimal mix of power-saving and performance for the mid-range.

The Kospet Prime 2 will feature a MediaTek Helio P22 quad-core processor with 3 GB of RAM 32GB of ROM. And a circular AMOLED screen, which the company calls “Retina” because it claims that it is not possible to distinguish individual pixels with the naked eye. Prime 2 comes with Android OS, as we said the use in combination with the smartphone is not required but if you want to take advantage of the connection via Bluetooth between the two devices just download the app and scan the QR code displayed on the screen to connect them in a blink of an eye.

The biggest upgrade coming in 2020 will likely be the introduction of 5G network support. So does the Kospet Prime 2 have 5G? This remains still unknown. As we all know that last year Kospet launched the first integrated dual camera smartwatch in the market. Just like the brand’s concept said, they make the impossible into the possible. Anyway, Prime 2 definitely is going to be an exciting smartwatch in 2020!


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