Kospet Smartwatch – Which Smartwatch You Pick up for Black Friday Deals 2019 in Amazon?


Black Friday 2019 is just a few days away, in fact, Amazon has just announced that it’s holding the longest Black Friday sale until 29 November.  Whether you’re looking for a great smartwatch for fitness tracking, running or even just taking calls and receiving notifications, there’s plenty of options we’d comfortably recommend. Today, we have 2 stylish and practical Kospet smartwatches which are appealing for this Black Friday!

KOSPET Classic Smartwatch (Two colors available

KOSPET Classic Smartwatch is Android 5.1 OS, supports 3G network and wireless. Install a GSM 3G network SIM card into the smartwatch, you can answer and make phone calls, send and receive SMS messages. When the watch has a network connection, you can download apps from the Google Play store. The activity tracker can be used as a phone partner. Pair the watch and the phone’s Bluetooth, you can make and receive calls from the watch. Scan the QR code in the user manual or search for “WiiWatch” in the app store to download the app. By connecting the APP via Bluetooth, the watch will remind you when receive text and APP messages.

KOSPET Classic Smartwatch has Stable waterproof performance that can significantly prevent water from entering, perfect for your daily use. It can map your running path on the mobile app. The wristwatch build-in GPS and is equipped with Google Maps, you can use the watch to navigate in the state of networking, so you won’t get lost. As long as you set the data in the mobile app, the watch can remind you to drink water, take medicine, do eye exercises and do activities. It is a sports watch that can calculate the steps, calories, heart rate and distance. The “WiiWatch” app requires a smartphone Android 5.0 & IOS 9.0 and above with Bluetooth 4.0. Please charge the watch more 2hrs before you start to use it. For Black Friday 2019, KOSPET Classic Smartwatch drops to just $111.99 (-$30).

KOSPET Smartwatch

KOSPET Smartwatch has Genuine leather straps paired with a stainless steel watch case accentuate a slim and classic watch design. It has a brilliant 1.39” AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 400 x 400 pixels and a gallery of watch faces to choose from. This Android watch supports 3G network and wireless, you can find your favorite apps on Google Play and to access them from the wrist. Install the SIM card into the watch to receive and make calls, send and receive text.

Connect the watch to the phone via Bluetooth, you can make and answer calls without SIM card;Connect watch and the “WiiiWatch” app via Bluetooth let you know of any notification on your phone (Sync phone SMS, SNS message, incoming calls, emails). This smartwatch has built-in GPS that draws your running route on the mobile app. In addition, You can use Google Maps Navigation directly on your wrists. The activity tracker can record your steps, calories, and distance. You can enjoy your music right from the wrist, use Google Voice Assistant to search for directions, restaurants, weather without having to use a mobile phone. For Black Friday 2019, KOSPET Smart Watch drops to $87.20 (-$21.8)

If you’re shopping ahead of Christmas for gifts, the KOSPET smartwatch is both a practical and popular choice. This Black Friday will prove to be a great time to pick up a KOSPET on the cheap, it also lets you avoid the last-minute December rush.


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