KUGOO S1 Plus Review – 8-Inch Folding Electric Scooter at $279 From Geekbuying


The electric scooter is a classy device for comfortable rides. The KUGOO S1 Plus scooter is perfect for riding on flat roads. The electric vehicle is ideal for riding on sidewalks or cycle and pedestrian tracks, so you can enjoy performing everyday tasks – going to the shops and to work or just cruising around! The electric scooter is a perfect device for covering short distances of up to 30 km.


Compared with KUGOO S1, the folding design of the KUGOO S1 Plus electric scooter is more user-friendly. The design of the folding lock allows you to fold the scooter more quickly and truly achieve one-click folding. The pedals of KUGOO S1 PLUS are also wider; the rubberized base provides enhances grip while riding making riding safer. Weighs only 12.5kg with a foldable size of (94.58*18*33) Maximum load is 120KG. The LCD display is more concise in displaying functions after the improvement of this e scooter. Power, speed, and single cruising range are clearly displayed on it so that you can see the driving status at a glance during riding. In addition, the function keys on the handle are more concise and easier to operate.

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KUGOO S1 PLUS electric scooter comes with a 350W motor and a 7.5AH battery, which can reach a speed of up to 30KM/H(18.6mph), 25-30KM longest range mileage. Three-speed speed regulation, 20km/h, 25km/h, 30km/h can meet your different speed requirements. The front-illuminated area of ​​the bright LED headlight is up to 10 square meters. Comes with reflective strips on both sides, making it easier for you to be noticed by other drivers Front-wheel electronic brake rear wheel foot brake dual brake system making your riding safer. Ultra-durable tires, you don’t need to inflate the tires every day, and no need to worry about flat tires. Honeycomb tires have a better shock absorption effect than solid tires; the front and rear dual shock absorbers system absorbs the shock and cushions the bumps, which can bring you a comfortable riding experience.


The KUGOO S1 Plus electric scooter is battery-powered and easy to charge! Aside from that, the scooter is a compact device that makes it easy to take with you wherever you go. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $279.00 by using Coupon Code: NNN9thes11 in Flash Sale.

Update on August. 20, 2021

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