KugooKirin S1 Pro Review – 8-inch Solid Tire Folding Electric Scooter at $384.99 From Geekbuying (Coupon)


KUGOO is also investing in the fashion of the time, apparently, launching the KUGOOKirin S1 Pro Folding Electric Scooter, its own electric scooter that stands out for its ease of use, portability, and autonomy. The Kugookirin S1 Pro adult electric scooter is the new upgrade to the S1 off-road scooter.  Therefore, it now has an advanced 350W Brushless motor with 8-inch explosion-proof honeycomb wheels. Also, there is a front LED flashlight that is ultra-bright and unique.


The KugooKirin S1 Pro has a compact foldable design so it doesn’t require much space for transportation or storage. At the end of the trip, the user can easily fold the electric scooter and put it on the loggia or in another room in the house or apartment. The model is equipped with a reliable onboard computer located on the steering wheel, which contributes to comfortable control. Electric scooter KugooKirin S1 Pro is Ideal for both inexperienced riders and professionals alike. User convenience is facilitated by a special non-slip grip cover and a wide deck on which you can comfortably place both feet at once. A capacious battery provides up to several hours of battery life for the model without the need to use a charger. The sturdy aluminum frame is ready for extreme sporting events and frequent use.

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The KugooKirin S1 Pro electric scooter is optimal for users weighing up to 120 kg; and allows you to develop significant speed in a short time. The high maneuverability of the model is ensured by puncture-free wheels that smooth ride on any surface, including wet grass. Thanks to this, the device allows you to make more varied visits to the cottage and any out-of-town event. For users living in megalopolises or settlements with many meters of traffic jams; the electric scooter helps to get to their destination faster.

KUGOOKirin S1 Pro comes with a powerful, brushless 350 W motor that provides maximum speeds of up to 30 km / h. It has the latest technology, is super optimized, so travel with KUGOOKirin S1 Pro is pleasant and smooth. It offers an improved experience at high speeds. The latest generation electronic brake provides efficient braking and fast response. And the mechanical brake is easy to use and just as effective. And because you know how fast you can stop, you can now enjoy every trip you make without hesitation with the KUGOOKirin S1 Pro. KUGOO Kirin S1 Pro comes with a generous 18650 lithium-ion battery, 36V / 7.5Ah, which offers a range of up to 30 km (single charge).


The KUGOOKirin S1 Pro electric scooter offers you the freedom to move easily and quickly wherever you want, even if you live or work in a crowded city with hellish traffic. With the help of such a vehicle; you will no longer be bothered by the schedule of public transport; going to the bar with your car or taxi. We can buy it from Geekbuying at $384.99 by using Coupon Code: GKB774S and ship it from the PL warehouse.


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