Kywoo Tycoon: “DIY Pro” 3D Printer Reached The initial 100% Funding Goal on Kickstarter


Although there are fewer and fewer 3D printers on Kickstarter recently, it doesn’t mean that there aren’t any. From time to time there is an interesting campaign of this type. A few days ago, the Tycoon 3D printer, described by its creators, the Kywoo Tycoon: “DIY Pro” 3D Printer made its debut on this popular crowdfunding portal.

The program has reached the initial funding goal all the backers can get a $75 valued Octoprint Kit with Camera free, and the stretch goal of the octo-print kit is unlocked now!

The Second Stretch Goal: when we get $60,000 funded, all the backers can get an all-metal hot-end and a 0.4mm Harden Steel Nozzle free!

The Third Stretch Goal: when we get $100,000 funded, all the backers can get an enclosure with only $50 and shipping free!

Kywoo is a young company that designs and manufactures 3D printers. Although the description of the campaign contains information about the location in Los Angeles, in the description of the company there is a note that its research centre is located in Shenzhen. It is also worth mentioning that the campaign discussed today is the first undertaking of this type for this company.

Like many modern designs, the Kywoo Tycoon: “DIY Pro” is packed with some nice features. Among them, it is worth mentioning a full-colour touch panel with an intuitive user interface, an adjustable filament spool holder, automatic levelling of the head distance from the build plate and a filament-free sensor. The device is sold as a DIY kit, but its assembly is practically limited to joining the two main structural elements together and adding a few smaller parts to them. In addition to the basic version of Tycoon, there is also an enlarged version of Tycoon Max.

Classic in appearance despite its 3.5-inch screen offset at the top of the structure; the Kywoo Tycoon: “DIY Pro” offers an original BLTouch for automatic levelling of the print bed (probing system); a Direct Drive extruder, compatibility with a wide range of filaments including flexible TPU; a dual Z-axis, a 32-bit motherboard with TMC2208 drivers and Marlin 2.0 firmware; as well as a screen interface in nine languages ​​including French. The power supply is a Meanwell 350W, a model known on 3D printers released in 2020.

If its volume is not sufficient (240 x 240 x 240 mm), you will prefer the Kywoo Tycoon Max; which offers a volume of 300 x 300 x 240 mm with the same characteristics of the machine. The g-code files can be placed on a Micro SD card when a USB port; allows a connection with a computer (Windows, Mac or Linux). If Kywoo Tycoon: “DIY Pro” does not have its own slicer software, the usual Cura; Repetier-Host and Simplify3D will be the perfect tools for printing with the Tycoon. In addition to this, the Chinese 3D printer is Wifi compatible for remote use of the machine. It is also ready to accommodate a Raspberry Pi with Octoprint. As can be seen in the photos of the top of the machine; the Tycoon is transportable thanks to two handles; despite its weight of 12 kg.

Finally, the assembly is very simple to achieve, and it will only take a few moments; to take care of the four screws and the two connectors to be connected. Very cartoonish, the manufacturer broadcasts a video of a blonde who easily manages to assemble the Tycoon. Get your From Kickstarter campaign. For more information about Kywoo, please access their official website.


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