Kywoo Tycoon “DIY Pro” 3D Printer with Linear Rail X-Axis is live on Kickstarter


3D printer brand Kywoo launched its 3D printer Tycoon on Kickstarter at 9:00 A.M. (UTC-4), which will be available from October 22nd to November 22nd and be delivered from January. This is a DIY 3D printer with industrial-grade performance.

The structure of linear rail X-axis, dual Z-axis, and gantry frame effectively improve the accuracy by about 30% compared with traditional pulley systems. These features combine to greatly increase stability and reduce shaking, resulting in more effective and higher-quality printing. “Its double cube solid structure makes the printing very rigid. A Kywoo Tycoon is a mature machine that people can rest assured to buy.” Recognized by Chirs in his live stream.  Featuring a colourful touch screen, easily adjustable filament racks, up to date firmware, this printer is easy to use for both amateurs and experts. There are also some accessories to upgrade the machine-like Octoprint kit.

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Rewards tiers for backers:

  • Flash Sale Price of Tycoon at $279
  • Super Early Bird Price of Tycoon at $309
  • Early Bird Price of Tycoon at $339
  • KS Special Edition of Tycoon at $369
  • Super Early Bird Price of Tycoon Max at $369
  • Early Bird Price of Tycoon Max at $399
  • KS Special Edition of Tycoon Max at $429

Check more details from the Tycoon Kickstarter campaign now. Seize the chance to get at the lowest price, and join to design a better machine with the community. There may also be some exciting stretch goal bonuses waiting to be unlocked!

About Kywoo

Kywoo is dedicated to the research and development, production, and sale of high-precision, intelligent 3D printers, 3D printing-related accessories, as well as maker-related products. In addition, Kywoo also provides 3D printer ODM and OEM services for clients in need.  For more information about Kywoo, please access their official website.


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