LANGFEITE L8S Review – Folding Electric Scooter at $609.99 From Banggood (Coupon)


The electric scooters are now entered in normal, electric mobility, as well as a necessity, has become a real fashion itself. In the vast panorama of the offers stand out scooters with high performance and high-level technical equipment. The Langfeite L8S is a new and powerful 1600W electric scooter that is enjoying great success among enthusiasts. The LANGFEITE L8S Folding Electric Scooter is able to offer top-level performance: double 800W motor on both wheels, 6 suspension, maximum speed up to 45km / h, maximum slopes that can be tackled up to 40 ° and a good 55km of autonomy.

Buy LANGFEITE L8S Folding Electric Scooter From Banggood


The dimensions of the Langfeite L8S are 126x30x121cm in the travel position while reducing to 125x30x50cm when closed. The central red lever mounted on the 6061 aluminum frame is used to fold and close the electric scooter, while with the two side bolts you can adjust the hardness of the handlebar to your liking. The handlebar presents interesting innovations: in addition to being able to adjust it in height. Its particular folding system allows you to fold the handlebar itself by pulling out the knobs which are then positioned facing downwards, taking up less space and making transport easier.

4 suspensions at the front and 1 central one at the rear complete the equipment of the Langfeite L8S. The springs make the use of the scooter more comfortable, mitigating the roughness of the terrain. In addition, you can use the spring system to perform jumps. By loading your weight on the platform the springs will return a thrust comparable to a trampoline. This will make it possible to achieve truly remarkable tricks. The total weight of the scooter is 27 kg and can support a maximum weight of up to 150 kg.

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Langfeite L8S equipped with a double 800W motor, it offers traction on both wheels (all-wheel drive can be disabled when not needed). And can reach a maximum speed of 45 km / h. It is able to tackle significant slopes of up to 35 °. The 18650 lithium-ion battery is 48.1V 20Ah with an autonomy of up to 55 km, which depends on whether or not the dual engine is use. The weight of the driver and the type of terrain, the charging time is approximately 10 hours. The maximum speed allowed by the highway code is 20 km / h, the Langfeite L8S electric scooter has the possibility of inserting the limiter from the display in order to circulate while remaining within the limits of the law.

While on private land you can unleash the full power of this scooter. In fact, if you try it on the dirt road it will give great emotions! Using the red button on the handlebar you can use only one engine. The rears one when it is not necessary to use all the available power. This will allow you to consume less battery and therefore have greater autonomy and more docile management of the available power. In any case, even with only one motor active. The factory comes out with the two engines already weakened and with the more gradual start which can then be modified from the display.

The display also indicates the speed, the programmable speed step, and the battery status indicated with the bars. After 5 minutes that the LANGFEITE L8S scooter is not used, it switches off automatically. The display also has a USB port for charging various compatible devices. Pressing the two Power and M buttons simultaneously enters the secret menu for an in-depth setting.


The LANGFEITE L8S Folding Electric Scooter is equipped with a horn, front light and rear light (all required by law, the headlights in case of use with poor visibility) and stand, moreover the Langfeite L8S is IP54 waterproof against splashes and light rain. We can buy it from Banggood at $609.99 by using Coupon Code: TTHLFL8 in Flash Sale.

Buy LANGFEITE L8S Folding Electric Scooter From Banggood


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