LANKELEISI X2000 PLUS 1000W Bike Offered at $1299.99


This bike keeps you from getting the fitness benefits of cycling. Carrying the hybrid concept, electric technology makes you less tired and lighter when riding the Lankeleisi X2000 Plus Bike while the bike continues to run fast at up to 30 km per hour. Now unique again, this bike can be folded too. So it is very easy for you if you want to take it by car.

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It is a foldable electric bicycle. You don’t have to worry about not being able to carry it when you drive a car. It’s a foldable electric bike, so it’s very convenient to put it in the trunk of your car. Not only that, but because it is equipped with a 6061 all-aluminum frame, it is resistant to dropping, so there is no worry of damage even if it hits. This electric bicycle has a quality frame made of aluminum alloy.

This material is known to be lightweight, sturdy, and not easy to rust. This material also makes the bike body so light but still sturdy and provides high stability when you ride it. In addition to being foldable and therefore more compact in transport (up to 100 x 78 x 48 cm in 25 kg) even on public transport, LANKELEISI X2000 Plus allows you to adjust the height of the handlebar and saddle for a more comfortable ride.


We are entitled to a very ergonomic model. To view our course data, a large 3.5-inch color screen displays reliable statistics. Even though the size of the bike is considerable, we can expect easy and quick folding with practice. For the price, what can we say?

Shimano 7 speed

It is equipped with the best transmission, Shimano. In pedal assist and electric mode, you can operate the X2000 Plus to handle uphill, downhill, and flat roads at different speeds. You can switch between different gears for different road conditions, making it relatively easy to navigate paths and trails.


LANKELEISI X2000 Plus is an electric mountain bike, equipped with a powerful 500W brushless motor, 20-inch fat wheels, and a 10.4 Ah (48V) battery that can be recharged both directly in the frame and by extracting it. According to information released by the company, with similar equipment, this bicycle can travel 30-50 km (fully electric mode) at 60-100 km (pedal assist mode) in ideal conditions, tackle climbs with slopes up to 35 °, and reach the maximum speed of 35Km/h.


Let’s remember LANKELEISI X2000 Plus gives off an increased performance, and this, in every sense of the word. If we have to acquire it at this price, the sacrifice will be well worth it. The quality of the equipment is not likely to disappoint as many other models have done. To reduce your payment, the manufacturers give you the choice of doing it in four installments.

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