LANKELEISI XT750 PLUS Review – 26-Inch Folding Power Assist E-Bike at €1,156 From TOMTOP


XT750 is the best-selling series from Lankeleisi. This time, the LANKELEISI XT750 Plus comes with a Fat Bikes model which has a characteristic tire that is bigger than a bicycle in general. Even though you have big tires, it doesn’t mean that riding them is heavier. Still like other variants.



LANKELEISI XT750 Plus E-Bike has a durable frаmе thаt iѕ made frоm high ԛuаlitу 6061 aluminium alloy – juѕt like a tурiсаl bicycle, only it iѕ fоldаblе аnd mоrе practical. It is a perfect investment fоr реорlе whо love tо bring a bikе whеnеvеr they gо fоr оut-tоwn-vасаtiоnѕ and wееkеnd outdoor аdvеnturеѕ. Thiѕ iѕ рurеlу mаdе frоm аluminum аllоу whiсh сlаimѕ tо bе thе “lightеѕt fоlding production bikе. This аwеѕоmе and wеll-built fоlding bike features a – 27 ѕрееd Shimano gear соmроnеnt аnd Kеndа 26-inсh tirеѕ. It аlѕо has аluminium whееlѕ with сhrоmе ѕроkеѕ, hаnd-соntrоllеd brаkеѕ (frоnt аnd rear) аnd steel fender.

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This LANKELEISI XT750 Plus version is 500W / 10AH (There is also a 1000W/14.5AH version for your option). You can adjust the height of the handlebar & the seat, the Shimano Shifting Lever and the rear derailleur are very user-friendly and can be shifted even in the worst road conditions. This LANKELEISI XT750 Plus premium fat tire E-Bike has a built-in powerful 500W motor, powered by a removable waterproof 48v / 10ah lithium battery (two ways to charge the battery – it can directly be charged with the battery inside the frame, or you can also take the battery out and then charge it).

LANKELEISI XT750 Plus gorgeous electric mountain bike has 3 working modes; Pure electric mode, PAS mode and pure human riding mode. LANKELEISI XT750 carries a special city bike model to make it easier; for you to walk stably on the texture of paved roads that often have holes and “speed bumps”. Now, this bike adopts a folding design that is very easy for you to do yourself. This is an advantage when you bring this bicycle using a car or tie it on a motorcycle. Like a motorized vehicle, this bike also has a LED meter that displays information; on mileage and vehicle speed as well as battery capacity. This bike is equipped with two disc brakes at the front and rear wheels which is certainly much safer than using one brake. Gear management is very easy and suits your needs in cycling, so you can pedal comfortably without caring about your travel terrain.


LANKELEISI XT750 Plus Folding Electric Bike makes you still get the fitness benefits of cycling. Carrying the concept of hybrid, electric technology makes you not tired and easier; when riding XT750 Plus while the bike continues to run fast to 30 km per hour. You can find this amazing LANKELEISI XT750 Plus Folding Electric Bike in the TOMTOP at €1,156 and Delivered from EU Warehouse with Free Shipping.



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