LAOTIE ES19 Review – Dual Motor Electric Scooter at $1,339.99 From Banggood


LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter brings together the features of compact, portable, foldable, and high endurance. The high endurance of 135KM is definitely a highlight of the ES19 electric scooter, which means that there is no need to worry about battery problems when riding out, and it solves the pain points of the short battery life of motorcycles. There is a clear power display on the handlebar, and you can know the remaining power at a glance.

Buy LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter From Banggood


The frame is thickened with an aluminum alloy body, Open and fold in 3 seconds, could be taken in and out of the elevator, or put in the trunk of the car. Suitable for men/women Working commute and downtown travel. The 10-inch off-road tires can run with high-grip on the dirt road. And easy to climb any gradient you likely encounter.The off-road explosion-proof vacuum tire, stronger bearing capacity. The LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter folds and you can fold it easily, Easy to fold design, this is good personal transport, the scooter can be quickly folded for storage at home, in the office, or in the trunk, Providing a new lifestyle as the perfect transportation device for everyday use.

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The braking effect is very sensitive, and the braking speed is very fast. The braking process can complete with only light force, giving you a faster and safer braking effect. The handlebars are ergonomically designed to make them more comfortable to hold.HD dial display, can adjust the speed, check the remaining power, riding distance, and other parameters. Ideal for one-handed operation, making it easier to view and operate while riding. The battery of the power supply can fully charge in 5 to 6 hours and supports up to 100 km driving.

Two independent 3000W x 2 wheel motor provides the max 100km/h speed and max 50-degree gradient, 60V 38.4AH Lithium Battery, powerful and easy to climb, driving range is about 90-100km, speed up to 80km / h. The turning signal light will keep you safe when you want to turn left or right side. With a wide-angle lighting design, the illumination range is wider and farther. It is more conducive to riding at night,With LED running light design is more beautiful. Keep you safe to ride at night.


The LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter is perfect for city and off-road driving. The scooter has excellent characteristics – a powerful motor, a capacious battery, excellent suspension, and disc brakes. LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter at an affordable price comes with everything necessary for a comfortable ride for a rider. We can buy it from Banggood at $1,339.99 in Flash Sale. You can use coupon code: LTES19PL

Buy LAOTIE ES19 Electric Scooter From Banggood


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