LAOTIE L6 Pro Review – Dual Motor Electric Scooter at $949.99 From Banggood


The LAOTIE L6 Pro is one of the newer electric scooters on the market, and it caught my eye because of its great value for money. Obviously, this is an improved model, as they released a new device with even more performance after the success of the LAOTIE L6 model last year. I will now set up a table that compares these two electric scooters:

Last name LAOTIE L6 Pro LAOTIE L6
Rated output power 2 * 800 Watt 500 Watt
Top speed 50km / h 40km / h
Loading time 24Ah / 9 Hours 23.4Ah / 8 Hours
Grade capacity 40 degrees 30 degrees






The LAOTIE L6 Pro scooter is made of a durable and high-quality aluminum alloy, thanks to which it has a very strong construction. However, the durability, as well as the size of the battery, were signed by the scooters themselves. In this case, it weighs 23 kg. With this scooter you can thank two 800 W engines to reach a maximum speed of 50 km / h . Hills will not be a problem with this performance either, the scooter can handle a 40 ° climb. It also lacks IPX4 water resistance certification.

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The LAOTIE L6 Pro scooter has spring suspension at the front and rear. It can absorb shocks caused by unevenness and the ride will be comfortable. 10 “inflatable tires with a tube, which are suitable for any surface, also contribute to this. The scooter is also suitable for off-road riding. As for the brake system, you will find an electronic brake with an ABS system, but also disc brakes at the front and rear. The L6 Pro model has a 24 Ah battery, which should have a range of up to 100 km, depending on the rider’s weight and driving surface. Charging will take approximately 9 hours. There is a color LCD display with a USB port on the handlebars, which displays information about speed, battery capacity, and distance traveled. The scooter is also equipped with a high-range LED front light and a horn. However, it also has rear brake lights.


The LAOTIE L6 Pro electric scooter is one of the best with an output of up to 2x 800 W. In addition to rich equipment, great range, and speed, it also has an interesting price tag. We can buy it from Banggood at $949.99 in Flash Sale.


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