Laresar Elite 1 380W Handheld Vacuum Cleaner Offered at $122.07


The Laresar Elite 1 is a cordless broom vacuum cleaner that delivers optimal results in every situation. Thanks to its impressive suction power of 26,000 pascals (Pa), it is able to remove all types of dirt: animal hair, sand, fluff, invisible dust, food residue, etc. In addition, it is accessible to everyone since it is marketed at a low price.

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The Laresar Elite 1 cordless vacuum cleaner is easy to use because it has a telescopic tube that adapts to the user’s height. In addition, it has rear wheels that allow easy movement and a flexible rotation of up to 270° to reach even the most difficult corners.


If you suffer from allergies, asthma, or other breathing problems, you should know that this model has a highly efficient filtration system that removes up to 99.97% of particles. This is made possible by the installation of a washable HEPA filter and cyclone technology, which prevents secondary pollution.

Large Tank

The tank of this vacuum cleaner has a capacity of 800 milliliters, which is above average for its category. This allows you to clean large areas several times without having to empty them, although the system for this is very simple and hygienic.


The Laresar Elite 1 is a completely cordless vacuum cleaner. Its 2600mAh battery ensures uninterrupted work for up to 30 minutes in Normal mode and up to 15 minutes in Maximum mode. Also, the charging time is no more than 4 hours and you can charge the battery inside the vacuum cleaner as well as separately. Also, it can be very helpful to have a spare battery always charged and ready to go.


After carefully analyzing the Laresar Elite 1, we can confirm that this is a great value-for-money vacuum cleaner. Despite being a rather simple model in terms of advanced features (it doesn’t scrub, it doesn’t have a control screen, its tube isn’t flexible, etc.

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