LC400 PRO Review – 5W Laser Engraving Machine at €181.43 From CAFAGO


The LC400 PRO is a powerful laser engraving machine with a 5W laser that can easily engrave on various materials, including wood, leather, paper, and more. This machine offers high precision and accuracy, making it ideal for professional use. With its advanced software, users can easily design and engrave their creations with ease. The LC400 PRO is also equipped with a cooling fan that ensures the laser stays at the optimal temperature, preventing any damage to the machine. At CAFAGO, you can purchase the LC400 PRO at the lowest price with free shipping; making it a great investment for any business or hobbyist looking to take their engraving to the next level.


The LC400 PRO Laser Engraving Machine is a solid and durable piece of equipment that is designed to offer improved accuracy when engraving. Its full-metal structure enhances the machine’s stability and longevity. The assembly of the whole structure is quick and easy, with a completion time of approximately 15-20 minutes. The laser engraver comes with a laser shielding sleeve, which is designed to protect the eyes from injury. This feature makes the machine lightweight and convenient for assembly and disassembly.

The LC400 PRO has an engraving size of 400*400mm, and it can carve materials such as metal, ceramics; wood, bamboo, paper, plastic, leather, PCB board, aluminum oxide, and non-reflective electroplated surface paint. It can also cut materials like cardboard, non-woven fabric, light wood, acrylic material, and thin plastic board. The product size of the LC400 PRO Laser Engraving Machine is 616 * 577 * 212mm / 24.3 * 22.7 * 8.3in, and it weighs 4.5kg / 9.9lbs.

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The LC400 PRO Laser Engraving Machine is a highly efficient and versatile device that comes equipped with a number of features. The machine is designed with precision scale lines on the X-axis and Y-axis; which allows for quick and accurate length measurements. With a large 400x400mm engraving interval, this machine is suitable for a wide range of engraving needs; including metal, wood, plastic, paper, bamboo, and leather. In addition to its precision, the machine also features advanced safety measures; such as an automatic stop function that prevents the laser from continuing to irradiate in case of abnormal states or external impacts. Customers can choose whether to use this function or not.

The LC400 PRO is compatible with various engraving software, including LaserGRBL, LightBurn, Benbox; and GrblController, and it is also compatible with both Windows and MacOS operating systems. The high-power laser output of 4.5-5.5W ensures faster and more accurate engraving with an ultra-fine laser precision reduced to ±0.01mm. The laser can also directly engrave smooth stainless steel metal and ceramics due to its high-density laser. The fixed-focus laser provides a more stable laser power output compared to the zoom laser. Additionally, this engraving machine does not require focus adjustments and can combine both precision engraving and high-energy cutting simultaneously.


Overall, the LC400 PRO Laser Engraving Machine is an excellent investment for anyone looking to expand their creative possibilities and take their projects to the next level. With its advanced features and affordable price point; it’s a fantastic value that’s sure to deliver stunning results for years to come. If you’re considering purchasing the LC400 PRO, CAFAGO is a great option as they offer a competitive price of €181.43 (Inclusive of VAT) and provide fast and free shipping from their Germany warehouse. Additionally, CAFAGO has a strong reputation for excellent customer service and support, ensuring that your purchase is a smooth and hassle-free experience.


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