LE NENG TOYS K16A Electronic Pets Robot Dog Review: An amazing Stunt Dog Touch-sense Music Song Toy


The K16 Intelligent Dog with exquisite craftsmanship, excellent appearance and perfect quality has multiple functions, such as Programmable, Touch-sense, Voice command , Push-ups, Dancing with music and so on. It assists and accompany kids to explore so much fun. With those amazing functions, K16A doggy will be welcomed among children and provide unprecedented delight for children. Come on, this is a perfect gift for birthday or Christmas.

The LE NENG TOYS K16A Electronic Pets Robot Dog comes with loads of amazing features. The device can be controlled using Infrared. By using the controller to control the dog which would ensure the dog do actions within about 5m. It features a Intelligent programming and auto display. The Dog can be programmed to display the corresponding actions, stimulating kids’ creativity and exercise their ability.
Talking about control, the  robot dog con be controlled by Touch-control. By simply touching the head of the dog, it will start with simple interaction with you. Also, the robot dog can be controlled by Voice. When pressing voice mode button, there are 7 voice instructions for you to give oral order to the dog, inspiring kids’ communicating skills.
Talking about fun, this robot dog is amazing toy to play with and would create a whole load of fun. The dog is embedded with dynamic music and dance. The dog will wow you with its dynamic steps and moves along with 4 different music. Other functions of this amazing toy includes,  handstand, push-ups, wrath, crouch down, very interesting. K16 Intelligent Dog is currently available on eBay for just $23.90

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