Leagoo S8 vs Leagoo S8 Pro Review, two brothers face each other (Coupon Inside)


Recently iGeekphone made a review of Leagoo Kiicaa Mix, a three bezel-less phone, this is one of the trends that almost manufacturers are following. As we mention in the same article, there’s another form factor in trend and that’s the “18:9 aspect ratio”. Leagoo, as many other brands, also unveiled a pair of phone that follows that statement; Leagoo S8 and Leagoo S8 Pro, similiar in design but different in hardware.


Both phones, Leagoo S8 and S8 Pro, are crafted as high end devices. We can deny that the two smartphones took inspiration from, state of the art, Samsung Galaxy S8. Made complete from CNC metal with 3D finish for better handling. The are two colors available; Black and Blue, we prefer the second one.

In both cases, once you made the unboxing, you will find; LEAGOO device, USB cable for charging or data, one power adapter, a TPU Case and film protector, the user manual and warranty certification.


No doubt this are two smartphones with very good capabilities to compete in the mid-range Android phones, which add a differentiating design between the phones in their price range, fingerprint reader and a very tight price:

If you want to check all the specs compared between this two handheld please visit this page.


There’s a feature that make a difference between the Leagoo’s S8 and S8 Pro, in the first one we have a QuadCam Configuration, double on the back and double on the front; this is the perfect for selfie lover since you can be have the bokeh effect even in the front facing camera so you can impress everyone in social media.

The second one, the S8 Pro has a “regular” cam configuration of a DoubleCam at the back, but this phone has better sensors so you can expect a better picture quallity.

Now is time to talk about performance. The S8 Pro has the best performance, no doubt, if you want a cellphone that can manage a big amount of app runnig in multitasking then this is the one for you, this kind of work load can only be achieved with the marriage of the Helio P25 and its 4Gb DDR4 RAM.

The regular S8, yes can handle your daily basis, even if this comes with 3Gb of RAM it SoC seems a little outdated, so we can consider this terminal as Low Mid-Range device.


Leagoo achieved to release a two flavors of the (almost) the same phone, the Leagoo S8 Pro for power users and the Leagoo S8 for regular user that want the best design with out compromising their budget. Check Banggood e-store if you want the best prices, at this moment both devices are on presale with a discount:

Leagoo S8 Pro $249.99 USD
Using coupon code: lgs8pro

Leagoo S8 $119.99 USD
Using coupon code: leagoos8

Hurry up and don’t let pass the opportunity, this offer will not last.


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