Leagoo V1 Design, Specs, Feature and More


Recently, Leagoo T1 is very popular for most users, when we enjoy the current one, we also need to focus on the next model, Leagoo V1 that they are preparing for and it will be very different from the other models they have made. Becuase V1 has combined the luxurious and secure function.


As for its secure functions, Leagoo V1 has the fingerprint sensor which used on low to mid devices and users can still enjoy the function to unlock its smartphone. And it has Sec OS based on Android for better security. About luxurious design, they use real calfskin to decorate this headset instead of pseudo-leather back cover. This time, Leagoo V1 has good combination of metal and leather.


About its hardware, Leagoo V1 has 5inch HD display, powered by Octa core processor, RAM 3G+ ROM16G / RAM 3G ROM 32G and 128GB microSD support.  It has dual camera with 8MP front and 13MP back one, built in 3,000mAh battery, running Sec OS 1.0 (based on Android 5.1), it supports 4G network, fingerprint scanner, and LGQC 5V/1.5A (LEAGOO Quick Charge) function. Right now they haven’t officially released it, about the price, we need to wait for more.


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