Leak of the new LeTV LeEco phone shows dual camera feature


It looks extremely likely that LeTV LeEco may be entering the dual camera genre of phone with details of the new LeEco Lex720 device being leaked.There have been quite a few phone makers that have played around with the 2 camera concept on the rear of the phone, but this year the concept has really taken off and being adopted by more manufacturers.


Judging by the leak,LeEco look set to become the latest brand to be launching a dual camera phone. The leaked image of the upcoming device supports this theory by way of this all metal chassis.The device has Antenna designs very similar to the iphone,sports the LeEco logo and has a rear fingerprint scanner.

But looking closely at the camera area, two holes are clearly visible for the camera sensors, and what appear to be duel LED flash. The camera area design could even be refereed to a smiley face as it gives off this appearance, OPPO had a very similar design in an earlier release.

This early leak doesn’t give us any insight into to what will come under the hood of this newest LeTV LeEco but rest assured it will be big, a SD821 perhaps, we wait with baited breath. Stay tuned, we will release more details of the LeEco Lex720 as they come to hand.



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