Learn how you can protect your Samsung Gear 360 Camera with a Silicone Protective Lens Cap. (Coupon included)


If you are the lucky owner of a Samsung Gear 360, I guess you must have wondered several times how can protect your camera, from dust and dirt. Here comes camfere.com with the Silicone Protective Lens Cap


The Silicone Protective Lens Cap is made out of silicone. It comes out in black color and as we have said is compatible with the Samsung Gear 360 Camera. The silicon cap weights only 17g and is elastic.


The Silicone Protective Lens Cap protects perfectly your camera, made out of high quality silicone, easy to install and remove and most of all is washable. Because of its design, the cap is shockproof, antiscratch and very light. All these features hav on work to do, protect the camera from unwanted hits.


If you have a Samsung Gear 360 and you care about it, then buying the case for it is a must. You wont fear for any thing to happen. The proposal comes from camfere.com and with the coupon code IGEEK5, you can get the cap at a lower price and for only 15.19USD to be yours. In case you are searching and for the camera, you can find it here.


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