Leeco Coolpad Cool1 4GB + 32GB in Just $95.39 @Aliexpress Flash Sale


Cool1 procured the nature of cool cushion in hardware and programming from Letv. The more hugeness is that it exhibited the fundamental color+black and white turn around camera course of action. So how is this new Cool1 phone

Cool1 is energized by Snapdragon 652 processor, Adreno 510 GPU, RAM 3GB ROM 32GB, RAM 4GB ROM 32GB, RAM 4GB ROM 64GB three interpretations. It has 5.5inch 1920*1080p screen and Corning Gorilla screen III. In camera, it has 8MP front camera and 13MP backtrack camera, it is worked in 4060mAh battery, twofold sim card, twofold reserve and 4G sort out. In diagram, Cool1 has its obvious Letv phone style, especially no bezel ID, using dim scenery to show its high screen to body extent. Be that as it may, it uses metal material in its back.

In its back, backtrack camera is the element beyond a shadow of a doubt. It sets up on the best back, twofold LED Tone spotlight other than. Both back camera uses 13MP, 6P point of convergence. The sensor is shading and exceptionally differentiating which can improve the photograph flawlessness in lessening light. Power catch and volume get are laid out on the right side. We can discover in the photograph, the metal body demonstrates it has overwhelming quality in the strong light, which can ensure the solidness and brilliance meanwhile.

In OS, Cool1 still uses EUI 5.6 OS in perspective of Android6.0 OS. It consolidated rich video resource from Letv, and three work zones contains the whole EUI OS essential module. The fused limit of EUI invigorated impacts Cool1 to use more helpful.EUI OS image uses essential diagram, the principal differentiate among various mobile phones is EUI can drop down simple course keys composed to performing multiple tasks organization interface. It can wonderful up the interface by clicking lower left 50% of the square catch. You can value three sorts of interfaces by Cool1, for instance, Live interface.

Backtrack camera has transformed into the hot response for cameras layout. Cool1 uses twofold 13MP back camera from Sony, yet Cool1 turn around the camera is interesting in connection to Redmi Pro and Honor at least 6. Redmi Pro simply has one camera catching, the other is to learn the significance of field. Huawei Honor at least 6 has two same back camera, anyway Cool1 has two back camera with different specs, both can photograph. Turn around camera uses color+black and white is seen as the best course of action. Shading sensor is accountable for social event shading information of the inquiry. On a fundamental level, the high difference sensor is improved 2.25 occasions of brightness in lessening light. it is effortlessly accessible at Aliexpress with $95.39


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