LeEco is working on something big, A Bezel-less display with a great conceptual design.


Le Eco the brand changed their name from LeTv to LeEco to catch the global market and the western world, has been very much successful with their past devices.

Last year was very much successful for the brand, with back to back Le 1 S, Le Max, and this year Le2, Le Max 2 are very much impressive. Le Eco is being famous for their compact smartphone, features, design and reasonable pricing on devices.

Le Max 2 is currently the company’s most powerful handset having the powerful Snapdragon 820 and 6GB RAM (on the top-end variant) is a true flagship.

However, it’s been a few months since the phone’s release and according to previous rumors, we might meet an even powerful Flagship device with dual camera feature. And that supposed to be company’s new flagship.

But there is another surprise is waiting for you. A few hours ago, a set of concept pictures of the LeEco flagship emerged online. Let’s talk about it.




  • Design


The pictures reveal that the handset is going to be super slim and the overall design is refined, smooth and flagship worthy. The back reveals dual cameras on board along with a sleek metal body. Judging from the pictures, the phone could be extremely thin, thinner than most other flagship models! Probably this one would be the first global – total bezel less device (if the concept meet reality).

  • Display


The display is going to be bezel-less and the screen to body ratio is nothing like we have seen before. As per the rumors the LeEco flagship will feature a 4K display as well.



The LeEco flagship supposed to have Snapdragon 821 processor on board with 4GB DDR4 RAM. Maybe there can be a variation of $GB model and ^GB model, as LeMax 2 already has 6 GB on board.

  • Camera

The flagship will have a dual camera setup. One for main shoot, another one for depth of field and for more low light sensibility. but the megapixels are yet to confirmed.

  • Verdict

The specs and designs are impressive but we can not expect this to be true very soon. All we can do is to hope they make it real. 🙂

You can share your thoughts about this design, and also share what kind of additional feature you expect from this one!


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