LeEco Le 2s will also have looped antenna design as said


We found a new leak for the upcoming LeEco Le 2s smartphone. We have said before that renders from the new Le 2S shows very thin bezels and a loop antenna design.  This time the leaked images show us a back cover of the device in pure black.


The leaked images this time shows the Le 2s in all black design. We have heard that it will contain a metal body. Looking better we see the opening for the main camera sensor joined with that for the LED flash. We can also see another opening for the fingerprint sensor which would be located just underneath the rear camera.

As we said in the beginning, a possible existence of a loop antenna was mentioned by rumors from before. Looking closer at the images, despite the fact of the all black coating, the antenna band is still very visible running across the bottom edge of the back casing just as mentioned before here.


Rumors also say that it will be launched on September 7th and it will be equipped with 8GB RAM and  Qualcomm’s latest yet-to-be-featured Snapdragon 821 chipset. So there is little time till we see if the rumors will come true. We all wait with anxiety for the official announcement of the LeEco Le 2s smartphone. What is your opinion to this!?


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