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Lebaby U180 is a robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner of the LEFANT family also recommended for cleaning carpets and for those who have pets at home. This appliance, very simple to use not only via the supplied remote control, proves to be quite powerful in terms of suction and also guarantees high autonomy, thus proving suitable for keeping even large apartments in order.

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The Lebaby U180 is also equipped with a 500ml large dust collection compartment, an aspect that makes maintenance practical because it will not be necessary to carry out continuous emptying. The design of the latter is not really innovative, because it is relatively simple and quite elegant. A grey colour that covers the overwhelming majority of her body, with the presence of control buttons at the very top, all topped off by the Lefant Logo which is arranged at the very bottom. For the dimensions of the Lefant U180, there is really nothing in particular here: a height of 8cm for a fairly low weight of around 2.4 kg, we certainly remain within the standards.


Tranquillity is assured even during the operation at maximum power. The HEPA filter prevents the spread of microscopic allergens in the air. Mops without leaving any puddles or other hazards for children and the elderly. Choose your favorite suction power. Start and plan cleaning anytime, anywhere. It’s up to you to choose using the remote control and the iOS/Android mobile app. Zero traces on the floor, whether wood, linoleum or tile. Anti-collision sensors against bumping or scratching furniture. 2800Pa suction pressure to pick up animal hair, dust, and allergens. Battery life up to 150 minutes after a single charge to clean the entire apartment. Optimized suction and battery performance with 3 power options. This cleaning mode is used to order this Lefant U180 to work in a certain area for a period longer than it usually does.

It is also compatible with Alexa and Google Home voice assistants. The cleaning modes are: automatic, scheduled, spot and edge. We can choose between three modes of suction power and three other modes of water volume to control the suction power and water flow depending on our cleaning needs by customizing its operation, of course, we will also have the option of setting work hours.

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Buy Lefant U180 Vacuum Cleaner on Aliexpress


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