Midea M7 Pro Review: 4000Pa Suction Flagship Vacuum Cleaner


The Midea M7 Pro robot has an interesting design and features at an affordable and very competitive price for a sector, that of smart robots for domestic cleaning, which is constantly growing. Using LDS laser navigation technology to create an accurate map of your home, your robot can efficiently plan the optimal cleaning path to adapt to your home environment, without any missing or repetitive areas. The robot knows where to go and clean when you assign a task on the map in the app.

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Midea M7 Pro is a Slim profile and obstacle-clearing design that allows your robot to move freely around the house and never get stuck. Equipped with multiple anti-collision and fall protection sensors, it ensures safe cleaning without any damage to furniture. In addition, the robot can automatically return to its charging station when the battery is low, without any intervention. Midea M7 Pro is capable of climbing barriers up to 2.2 cm in the house. The threshold between the kitchen and the living room, or the small steps from the living room to the balcony, can be easily crossed without damaging the floors or the robot itself. The 9.7 cm slim design makes it convenient to clean under the sofa, bed, and coffee table. You won’t need to bend down anymore and it really frees your hands.

Highly Efficient Cleaning

Midea M7 Pro is a robot vacuum cleaner with a floor cleaning function. It is equipped with two side brushes that allow you to better collect the dust even along all edges and thus reduce working times and great suction power of 4000PA. Washing takes place by means of a vibration system; the 500 high-frequency vibrations per minute allow thorough and complete cleaning of surfaces and also the removal of stubborn stains. The water tank is electronically controlled.

Surface Identification System

One of the features of the vacuum cleaner is the analysis of the surface that the robot vacuums directly. To vacuum, for example, a smooth floor, maximum suction power is not needed. However, if vacuuming carpet, use maximum suction power for deeper cleaning. The robot independently recognizes the coating and automatically sets the required power. After leaving the carpet, it will return to its normal suction level. It’s energy efficiency.

Wet Cleaning

If you use the services of a proprietary application, you can set a specific level of water supply, taking into account the dirtiness of the floor covering. At the same time, the robot automatically excludes already cleaned areas, so as not to waste water once again. All this allows for quick and effective wet cleaning of the floor.


The Midea M7 Pro robot vacuum cleaner can be totally controlled by an app that is completely free for both Android and iPhone. Its name is MSmartLife, and although it needs further improvement, it is very functional and useful. On first use, the app will require a Wi-Fi configuration procedure, after which a first cleaning will begin in order to map the environment and create the floor plan of the house. This application is compatible with Google Assistant and Alexa and will allow you to better manage all the rooms and maps of the house which are also created in perfect autonomy by the robot itself. With the app, it is also possible to schedule cleaning and customize it according to the modes you prefer and which room you want to clean, even if you want to clean the same area twice to ensure greater cleanliness.

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