Lei Jun Holding a Photo of Xiaomi Mi Mix Alpha Appeared in Spain


Xiaomi Spain official Twitter, xataka, shouzi chew (weekly funded), xiaomi fans coffice common news, yesterday Lei Jun went to Madrid, Spain, and local millet community members and leaks met. The specific purpose of the trip was not mentioned by the official, but from the tasting of phone and community workers, Lei Jun talked with him, listened to the voice of redmi phones and collected suggestions on Xiaomi’s mobile phone.

In addition, on October 1, Lei Jun also appeared in the “Reform and Open” party team of the National Day military parade, holding a bouquet to the masses to signal. Later, Lei Jun Weibo issued a document saying that he was very honored to participate in the celebration of the 70th birthday of New China as a representative of private high-tech entrepreneurs.

Lei Jun said that in the past few decades of reform and opening up, I have personally experienced the growing prosperity of the motherland, experienced the rapid development of science and technology, and devoted itself to the torrent of innovation and entrepreneurship, struggling with a group of private entrepreneurs and following the motherland. The pace grows together. I deeply feel that today’s happy life is hard to come by, we are still on the road, the more we struggle, the happier we are!

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