Leica Q3 Camera is Expected to Launch mid-year


Recently, Leica Rumors has released a list of Leica launch dates, including the much-anticipated Leica Q3 camera.

According to the news, Leica Q3 is likely to be released in May or June of this year.

The camera will reportedly upgrade from Q2 with a new 60-megapixel sensor, but nothing else is clear.

For reference, the Leica Q2, released in 2019, is a full-frame portable camera with a 47.3 megapixel sensor that supports video recording up to 4K.

In addition to the Leica Q3, the news also includes other product release dates, which are as follows:

– Leica M11 black and white: Summer 2023;

– Leica SL3: Later 2023, or 2024.

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It can be said that the release time of the exposure of several new products have not low attention, it is worth looking forward to.


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