LEMFO LEM8 LTE 4G Smart Watch Phone Offered For Just 129.99


Just recently, the much-popular Chinese smartwatch maker LEMFO unleashed one of its best creations in face of the LEM X. It’s an amazing standalone smartwatch with a round screen and many useful features. Everything was like LEMFO. This watch has got too many praises. But those who are familiar with the smartwatches coming our way from this brand should know it was something more extraordinary rather than regular. We mean the last model we got from this series was the LEMFO LEM 7. And there should be the LEMFO LEM 8. Fortunately, this manufacturer thinks in the same way. A few days ago, it quietly announced the mentioned model, which doesn’t yield any of its siblings at all the “LEMFO LEM 8 LTE” which we are about talking about.

The first thing that catches our eyes is the LEMFO LEM8 LTE simple and minimalistic design. Generally, it is available in black/gray or red. Thus, the company didn’t do anything odd. The chassis is made of a titanium alloy, providing high resistance to heat and corrosion. At the same time, the strap is made of silicone, which provides greater flexibility and strength. On the right, there is a camera that is disguised. Next, to it, we can find the power button. Of course, the LEMFO LEM 8 LTE has an IP67 certification.

The LEMFO LEM 8 LTE sports a 1.39-inch AMOLED touchscreen with a resolution of 400 × 400. In this sense, the LEM 8 has nothing to shy for. AMOLED is a standard for high-end smartwatches. In addition, it has tons of watch faces, giving an extra customization option.

Under the hood, the LEMFO LEM 8 LTE uses an MTK6739 processor clocked at 1GHz. The chip is also paired with a 2GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. The manufacturer has also put a 2MP camera. Though it does not have the best resolution to take photos or videos, it fulfills the primary functions correctly. It is mostly a function for the time to make video calls. Plus, the watch is packed with a non-removable 580mAh battery, providing up to 24 hours of continuous use. But not that the LEM 8 will fully charge in 3 hours.


As we said above, the LEMFO LEM 8 LTE is a standalone smartwatch. This simply means you can insert a SIM card and make calls directly to the watch. The watch supports 4G at frequencies of 850/900/1800 /1900MHz. Plus, it is equipped with a built-in GPS for greater precision in navigation. At last, it runs on Android 7.1. It is currently available on banggood.com

Update on Oct.28, 2019

Only $124.99 for LEMFO LEM8 4G-LTE Watch Phone
Normal Price:$132.99
Coupon Price:$124.99
Coupon Code: BG124


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