Lenovo First VR Headset-The Lightest VR in The World Unveiled


VR virtual reality right now has become hotter and hotter, and there are different kinds of VR headsets at various price. As you know, CES is coming this year, Lenovo would like to release its first VR headset. It’s said that VR headset right now is under prototype stage, and they haven’t given the name. It will sell around 300 usd to 400 usd, 2100 yuan to 2,700 yuan.

Lenovo VR headset aims at light and compact design, it only has 350g weight, compared with other popular VR headsets, it is lighter in fact. As you know, PlayStation VR weighs 610g, Oculus Rift, 470g, HTC Vive 555g. Meanwhile, it has come with 1440*1440 OLED screen, as for other specs, right now they have released more news.

Currently, there are two VR devices of Lenovo, the other one is Lemon VR at 199 yuan, but according to users’ feedback, this VR headset has not good experience, which is similar to those budge VR devices at 40yuan, 6usd.

It’s said that Lenovo has released AR smartphone in June, 2016, it is a budget AR smartphone, Lenovo Phab 2 Pro which has started to sell from November 1. According to Lenovo US online store, this smartphone sells at 499 usd, 3379 yuan.  So will Lenovo catch this great chance to make its VR Device stand out in VR and AR market? Time will see.


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