Lenovo HX03F Smart Bracelet Review: a Heart Rate Moniter Fitness Tracker For Android & iOS For Just $26.99 at Geekbuying (+Coupon)


The Lenovo HX03F is a smartwatch for everyday use to measure its health and fitness. Losing weight or staying fit requires perseverance. The HX03F Spectra Smartband is going to keep you motivated and disciplined so you follow your fitness program diligently by tracking every move you make. Well, now you have an on-the-go virtual trainer to remind you of your fitness goals.


The housing of the Lenovo HX03F is made of ABS material for its body instead of going for an aluminum or stainless steel. Fitted with a 0.96 inch TFT screen flaunting a 160 x 80-pixel resolution and ensures a clear display of all screen content. Thanks to IP65, the modern smartwatch is resistant to water, so it can be used in the shower, hand washing, swimming, and other water sports. On top of that, the screen is scratch resistant, apart from a water-resistant rating of IP65.

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The Smart features of the Lenovo HX03F result in a motion memory, heart rate, calorie counter, distance meter, pedometer and sleep monitoring. A notification feature has also been integrated into the smartwatch. The battery capacity is 100 milliamp hours and gives a runtime of five days in standby mode. The smartwatch supports the two operating systems Google Android OS and Apple iOS. Under the hood, the bracelet connects with your Android and iOS smartphones via Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity. Despite the capability of almost all the commonest calculations like a pedometer, distance calculator, and calorie counter, it still has something that blows the others out of water, anti-lost, dynamic heart rate monitor, remote camera for instance. If you’re hunting for the perfect blend of accuracy, style, and compatibility, you’ll find it hard not to love the Lenovo, smart bracelet still wows with its elegant look but it now offers a nearly-bezel-free display that gives you more to look at without taking up extra space. Even its battery life has seen a pretty big increase and will now last about 5~8 days on a charge.


This Lenovo HX03F Smart Bracelet is designed to keep a track of every activity you do. Keep a track of how many calories you burn, how many steps you take, the distance covered and more to help you push yourself to become healthy. Currently, We can buy it from Geekbuying at $26.99 with applying this coupon code: EQMYGFNC


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