Lenovo Legion Gaming Smartphone Comes with 90W Quick Charge and Snapdragon 865


Today Lenovo Legion gaming smartphone has appeared at Geekbench website. We can see it has 914 points in single core performance nad 3,392 points in multi-core performance, it comes with Snapdragon 865 Octa core processor, RAM 8GB, running Android 10 OS.

The biggest highlight is to first use 90W quick charge. According to previous announced poster, 90W quick charge can charge 4000mAh battery full in 15 minutes, which is the fastest technology for charging until now.

Currently we have no idea if Lenovo legion gaming phone uses 4,000mAh battery. In general, higher charging power will mean lower battery capacity. 90W power rate will improve better.

In addition, it uses 144Hz high refresh rate OLED display, double speaker, 64MP main camera, 270Hz screen touch rate.

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Lenovo Legion gaming phone will be released this month, and its general manager said they will arrange the product availability as soon as possible. Stay tuned.


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