Lenovo Pad Pro 2021 Tablet Comes with a Separate Display Enhancement Chip


Lenovo will soon release two new tablets — the new Pad Pro 2021 and the new Pad Plus — that have been 3C certified and have been officially warmed up several times.

Lin Lin, product manager of Lenovo, revealed on Weibo today that the new Pad Pro 2021 will be equipped with an independent display enhancement chip and will also be sold as a stylus indepently.

In addition, he answered a netizen’s inquiry in another Weibo, and judging from the reply, the price of 2,000 + is a little bit questionable, and may be higher.

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New Pad Pro 2021 will be equipped with ‍Snapdragon 870 processor, 90Hz high-brush 2.5K resolution OLED screen, maximum brightness of 600 nits, dynamic contrast ratio of 80000:1, supporting HDR10, etc.


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