Lenovo PHAB2 Pro Project Tango First AR Smartphone Specs, Price Exposed


In CES 2016, Lenovo, Intel and Google has announced that they will develop the first competitive Project Tango smartphone to support AR technology which will be released in Summer, 2016. When we are expected to this Project Tango announcement which is possible to come out in May Google I/O 2016, unfortunately, it didn’t, but it will be very likely to release in June 9th at Lenovo tech world conference.


According to leaked news, lenovo project Tango will come with 6.4inch QHD 2K screen, and it will be possible to call Lenovo PHAB2 Pro. Meanwhile, it is said it will be not over 6.5inch, and it has confirmed to use Snapdragon processor which will be lower $500. PHAB2 Pro as first using 3D space visual technology to let smartphone be equipped with AR technology, integrated with game, navigation and other functions, realizes indoor GPS, preview new appliance, furniture in your home scene by the special camera.

Lenovo PHAB2 Pro will be the first smartphone to use AR technology. So will you be interested in experiencing it? We will provide you with the first news and review about this Project Tango.


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