Lenovo R1 Review: Bluetooth 5.0 TWS Wireless Earbuds For Just $29.99 at Banggood (Only 12 pcs limited)


Get full freedom of movement with Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones. Their truly wireless design will let you forget about the disturbing cable, while Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity and DSP technology will ensure great sound. The digital sound processor appropriately amplifies the signal and better adapts it to the dynamics of the converters. So you get a clear sound with an extended frequency range.

Buy Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones at $29.99


Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones are designed so that each module adheres well and holds perfectly in your ear. This prevents them from getting lost and damaged even while running and also improves the comfort of use. You can also use Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones as a Bluetooth headset. With a built-in microphone and the ability to use one transducer, they are great in this role, allowing you to conveniently conduct conversations. Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones will make music motivate you to achieve sporting goals and increased effort. And good fit and water resistance (IPX5 certificate) will allow intense training, even in the rain. The small dimensions of the headphones and the UFO design case allow for convenient use and carrying. The single-sided earphone is only 4.3g, very light and compact, comfortable and long-wearing.


What’s more, this model can be easily connected to any device equipped with the Bluetooth standard. Regardless of whether it will be a phone, tablet or computer with Android, iOS, Windows. Single-ear 45mah battery life, continuous playing music for 4-5 hours, with 600mAh charging bin, the longest can play for 20 hours. The charging compartment is a type-c interface, charging fast, hidden LED power display, beautiful and practical. With user-friendly UI settings, phone callback, volume adjustment, up and down song playback, disconnect Bluetooth, auto power-off and other functions.

A fully charged Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones battery provides up to 5 hours of operation, which is such a great achievement for such small headphones. Sometimes, however, this time is not enough. That is why this model is equipped with a case that not only protects the headphones during transport but also allows you to recharge them at any time. This case fulfills the function of a compact power bank with a capacity of about 600mAh. Which is enough to fully charge GO TWS headphones several times. You will never be surprised by unloaded headphones at the least appropriate moment of your journey.


You can also share the Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones with another person literally. When the need arises, you can give one “flea” – because it is possible to connect each of them with another transmitter at the same time. We can buy it from Banggood at $29.99 in Flash Sale (Only 12 pcs limited)

Buy Lenovo R1 TWS in-ear headphones at $29.99


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