Lenovo Released Smart Shoes with Intel Curie Inside


In Tech World Conference today, Lenovo has not only released its VR smartphone, Lenovo Phab2 Pro and Lenovo Moto Z, the world thinnest smartphone, but also bring us the smart shoes. We have seen what the smart shoes looks like. Along with LEDs embedded in the soles, Lenovo smart shoes uses  translucent materials. It shows very charming. As for its colors, it has red and grey color which are suitable for men and women.

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In addition, it is said that the insole adopts 3D printing, it will be very comfortable on your foot. It is built in Intel Curie wearable chipset, pedometer, calorie consumption and other functions, and it can support wireless charging.  With Intel Curies chipset, it has supported the common running games besides the fitness functions.


Anyway, it’s a concept design, although it has end-product, we are not sure for sale.So are you expecting Lenovo Smart sneaker?




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