Lenovo Releases 29-inch Fish Screen Monitor: 2K/90Hz


Lenovo released a 29-inch fish screen monitor, model E29w-20, with a pre-sale price of 1,699 yuan and the first-hand price of 1,499 yuan. According to reports, this monitor is equipped with a 29-inch IPS screen, 21:9 ultra-wide screen, 33% more visible range than the traditional 16:9 ratio. When using PS, Excel office, and later software, it will do more with less.

Lenovo Fish Screen Monitor has a 2560*1080 resolution, 178° wide viewing angle, 90Hz refresh rate, supports AMD FreeSync, 99% sRGB color gamut, and 300nit brightness.

According to the official introduction, the IPS technology direct screen guarantees accurate color rendering and has 99% sRGB professional color gamut support, which can smoothly complete professional drawing and post-work. The straight screen can display colors more accurately than the curved surface, and there is no color difference at the edge of the field of view.

At the same time, this display supports eye protection through hardware. The native blue light filter technology can solve the yellowing and chromatic aberration problems caused by the traditional eye protection mode. It can display the original colors of the picture while protecting the eyes, and professionals in the design/photography industries. It can also work normally in eye protection mode. This monitor also has a built-in 2x3W audio, no peripherals, no additional connections.

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It also uses a lifting and rotating bracket, in addition to lifting and pitching adjustments, it also supports 360° horizontal rotation of the chassis (without considering the connection line).

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