Lenovo S5 Pro Review: A Mid-Range Ideal Level Selfie Focused Smartphone


Recently, Lenovo announced 2 new handsets in India, being Lenovo K9 and Lenovo A5. A few days ago, it was the turn of Lenovo S5 Pro to be official, and contrary to rumors, it is not the smartphone with expected manual slide, previously called Z5 Pro. The Lenovo S5 Pro is the company’s latest bet for the medium-high range.

The terminal includes some of the most outstanding features of the moment, including four sensors (two located on the front and two on the back). This model offers a stylized design, with hardly any presence of frames, with notch or notch. Its screen slightly exceeds 6 inches and offers Full HD + resolution.

At the performance level, the S5 Pro comes powered by a Snapdragon 636 processor along with 6GB of RAM. Do not miss a 3500mAh battery with fast charging or ZUI 5.0 system (based on Android 8.1 Oreo). The new terminal will go on sale in China from October 23 at a price to change from $172. Today, I had the opportunity to test and review the Lenovo S5 Pro. Here I tell you what it offers and what I think.


The Lenovo S5 Pro is equipped with a 6.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2246*1080 and its maximum screen brightness is 600 nit. In addition, this screen also has 113% SRGB color gamut performance and 1500:1 ultra-high contrast, clearer picture, more vivid colors, giving users a theater-level viewing experience.

Design and Appearance

The new Lenovo S5 Pro is built in metal. It offers a rather stylized profile, only 7.7mm, and a weight of 170 grams. We can say that it is much thinner than other rival mobiles. There is almost no presence of frames. It is true that it is quite reminiscent of the design of the iPhone Xs, but the lower frame is more prominent than the one in this model.

Not only that, Lenovo S5 Pro also brings an ultra-narrow U-shaped antenna, making it quietly blend with the edge of the fuselage, natural. The surface of the body also uses the finest 205 zircon sand, which brings a silky exquisite touch, delicate and long-lasting.

The Notch on the top is different from other Notched-screen Smartphones of the market. In addition to the traditional sensors, it also hides a front camera and an infrared camera, making full use of the Notch space. The screen border width is better, and the screen ratio is also good.

In the upper left corner of the back mounted is a 20MP Sony AI super-quality dual-camera and flash, and we find a fingerprint reader presiding over the center.

At the bottom of the body, it features a 3.5mm headphone jack, noise reduction Mic, USB Type-C interface and speakers are arranged in order to meet the audio-visual requirements of young people. The speaker uses a dual-channel high-power Smart PA to protect the chip’s intelligent control of the speaker’s amplitude and maximize its tri-band potential, results in a dynamic range of up to 119dB. And also passed the Dirac sound certification, with better sound quality assurance.

Lenovo S5 Pro’s metal-integrated body design can be said to be unique in this year’s double-glass cross-country, which coincides with the personality of young people.


Lenovo S5 Pro is equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 636 processor coupled with 6GB of RAM. In addition, Lenovo S5 Pro also built a large battery of 3500mAh with support 18W safe fast charge, daily use, insist on a day of problems.

In terms of benchmarking points, Lenovo S5 Pro Geekbench scored 1333 points for single core, 1903 points for multicore, and got 112851 points in Antutu, which is the normal level of Snapdragon 636.

According to the actual measurement, Lenovo S5 Pro performed better on the glory of the king. In addition to the occasional small drop frame of the big group battle, the overall is still very smooth.

Camera Specs and Samples

About the matter of photography, Lenovo S5 Pro has 4 cameras at the same time which consists of 2 front cameras and 2 rear cameras. On a smartphone or notch, it has 2 cameras with a combination of 20MP + 8MP which can produce neat and instant bokeh selfies.

Today’s consumers are demanding the beauty of their mobile phones. Even the Apple iPhone XS series, which has always insisted on not bringing its own beauty effect, has added a “beauty” to the mobile phone.

The beauty mode “, the association that has been exerting strength in the beauty, this time brought a beauty trilogy in the beauty. Thanks to the addition of the Infrared camera, making the Lenovo S5 Pro has a Face Unlock feature that can accurately detect the user’s face, even in low light conditions.

A powerful front, you also need a powerful rear camera, The Lenovo S5 Pro features a 20MP+12MP dual-camera with wide-angle and telephoto modes. It is also the first smartphone to use Sony’s 2x optical zoom camera at this price. The 20MP Sony dual-camera uses the industry’s highest pixel telephoto lens to achieve ‘AI super-quality zoom’, shooting the vision more clearly and gently press forward 2 meters.

It also comes with a 9-level depth of field real-time adjustment in order to achieve a ‘Portrait AI super picture quality’. The detailed comparison is increased by 1000%. That’s why it shoots portraits with fantastic background blur. The rest of the camera features include a smart HDR, face tracking exposure, multi-frame noise reduction synthesis, etc. The Lenovo S5 Pro is also excellent when it comes to backlighting. There are a variety of built-in styles of ‘AI scene detection’, making the world more beautiful.

Rear Camera Samples

In the case of sufficient light, the images of Lenovo S5 Pro is very stable. The saturation of the photo is moderate, the adjustment of the white balance is basically accurate, but the jumping situation will occur from time to time, and the firmware can be improved through its upgrade; the tolerance of the sensor is online, and the automatic HDR is very active, so that the photo is bright or not. The dark parts have excellent retention, high brightness, and no overflow.

In the details of the photo, the resolution of the 20MP rear camera reaches the same level and still gets good details after the photo is enlarged. When capturing ELMO through the display glass, the plush of the body is still clear and the details are unmistakable.

In portrait mode, under the blessing of beauty mode and background blur mode, S5 Pro has excellent portrait shoot ability. In portrait mode, HDR is also very active, even in the case of large light ratio. Ensure that the environment and portraits are full of brightness; the choice of portrait blur effect is graded on the S5 Pro, with a minimum of 0 levels and a maximum of 9 levels, instead of the size of the analog aperture directly selected by the general mobile phone.

When the portrait mode is blurred, the recognition of the silhouette of the figure can achieve a perfect level, and the illusion cannot see into the character itself; the effect of beauty is in place, and the beauty trilogy brings a very obvious effect.

Front Camera Samples

The front camera can achieve the level of superiority of its competitors in the effect and achieves the idol-level self-timer. First of all, in terms of beauty effects, S5 Pro can perfectly repair some facial flaws on the face, the skin is smooth, delicate and shiny, and the face is very rosy.

Front and rear the background blur is turned on, we can see the background is very Obvious changes: After the background blur is turned on, the background blur is very natural, and the spatial distance between the subject and the background is well created, and the overall edge of the character is also in place 20MP before Self-timer, the details of the hairline can be very excellent.

Operating System

Lenovo’s ZUI system has been widely acclaimed, Lenovo S5 Pro is equipped with the latest ZUI 5.0 which is Android 8.1 based. The style of UI of ZUI 5.0 is still familiar ZUI style, relatively refreshing, biased towards the preferences of young audiences, with bright colors.

In addition to the UI with high value, the function can of course not fall. Nowadays, the most popular face unlocking will not be absent. Not only that but relying on the front 8MP infrared lens, the Lenovo S Pro can achieve zero light unlocking without fear of dark light.

Since a full screen is used, it is natural to be equipped with a full-screen gesture operation. ZUI 5.0 is equipped with a new U-Touch. The specific operation logic is the bottom fast slides back to the upper level, the bottom slides down and then raises the hand to return to the desktop, and the bottom side slides inward to open the multitasking interface. The practicality and convenience of the actual experience are still very good, of course, if you are not used to it, you can also open the navigation button.

In addition, ZUI 5.0 also provides a negative screen function, where users can set a lot of useful small functions to improve the efficiency of daily use.

There is a special attractive option in the settings menu, which is the lab function. Go in and see that there are a lot of interesting features.

For example, the position crossing function can be positioned to any corner of the earth, and it is simply a friend’s circle to force the artifact.

There are other very useful features, such as the automatic answering of the phone to the ear and the quick switching of the chat/article interface, all of which are small functions that improve the efficiency of the usual mobile phone.

In addition to these new features that can’t be stopped, the “old acquaintances” have not disappeared, and the game mode and application are still open.

Lenovo is quite confident about the smoothness of ZUI 5.0, so let’s run a good score.

We used Lu Master to conduct a system experience review. In the end, Lenovo S5 Pro got 132.95 points, which exceeded the other 88% of Smartphones. The system performance was very good.


Lenovo S5 Pro has always emphasized the photo before the release. Now it seems that it is well-deserved. Whether it is the pre-shot “Idol-level self-timer” or the rear-mounted AI super-quality dual-camera, We believe it can capture the hearts of a large number of youngers.

The Lenovo S5 Pro is available for pre-purchase in China in three colors: pink, black or turquoise. The version with 64GB of space and 6GB of RAM has a price at the exchange of $172. The model with 128GB / 6GB of RAM costs around $229. The shipments will begin to take place on October 23..


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