Lenovo Shows Bendable Phone and Foldable Tablet PC in Tech World 2016


Lenovo has brought some unknown high-end products at Lenovo Tech World in San Francisco such as Lenovo Moto Z and Lenovo Moto Z Force, Lenovo Phab2 Pro AR smartphone. According to Peter Hortensius, Lenovo technician, Lenovo produced its product with much innovation in the design such as 360 degree rotation for Yoga series, and other tablet pc in this idea. Meanwhile, it also enhances the handwriting, language recognition,and other application.

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About the smartphone developing in the near future, Lenovo also put forward the design of bendable smartphone like wearable devices. At the same time, it has also come up with folding the smartphone into a tablet PC. According the photos that show in tech world, the smartphone and tablet pc has both taken the bendable soft screen and combine with the main board with special design,and corresponding battery concave usage patterns. As for the foldable tablet, it’s pretty neat because it can go from a sizable tablet, to a phablet sized thing by bending it right in the middle. Whereas the phone bends in multiple places throughout the chassis, the tablet simply has its bending points around the middle area. And the same plasticy layer covers the display.



In addition, Lenovo claims they will release more new concept products in September this year. So this proves foldable devices will become the tendency in the near future that many other manufacturers will join. Stay tuned.




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