Lenovo Vibe C2/Moto E RAM 1GB ROM 8GB Budget Smartphone Coming


It’s known to all that Lenovo has purchased Moto brand, which has different controversy from person to person.But in terms of sales and benefits, Moto has not helped Lenovo to earn more market share and bring more benefits. After using moto logo which means high-level international brand, Lenovo has also removed some Moto entry level smartphones. Since Lenovo released Lenovo Moto Z, Lenovo Moto Z force, Lenovo has brought more unimaginable technology for us for high-end smartphone. This time, Lenovo Vibe C2 as a low end smartphone has been first leaked.


Lenovo Vibe C2 is different from other lenovo smartphones,it has 5inch 720p HD screen with 1280*720p screen resolution. And it’s powered by MTK6735P processor, RAM 1GB ROM 8GB or ROM 16GB internal storage. It has 5MP front camera and 8MP back camera, 2750mAh battery, supporting 4G LTE.


When we see this kind of configuration, it can be considered as a low-end budget smartphone for Lenovo. As for its design, it has capacitive button, and bumping camera and single LED light. It’s said this  smartphone will be called Lenovo Vibe C2 in Asia, but Moto E in Europe and US. So this such low-end configuration we guess only will be worth not over 600 yuan, $100. What do you think of this low-end lenovo smartphone?


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