Lenovo Yang Yuanqing Talks on ChatGPT: Adhere to the use of technological innovation driven development


At the annual CEO meeting of Lenovo Venture Capital, Yang Yuanqing, chairman and CEO of Lenovo Group, said: ChatGPT is popular around the world, and the Puwei computing infrastructure needed behind it is exactly the strength Lenovo has been laying out for many years.

Yang Yuanqing said that creating a “technology association” has always been Lenovo’s initial intention. In the face of changes in the global political and economic environment and the ever-changing technological and industrial cycle, only by adhering to technological innovation to drive development can we enhance the endurance of sailing through the cycle. It is said that Lenovo from the near -, medium – and long-term three tracks to make technological innovation planning.

Like ChatGPT, which recently became a hit worldwide, the infrastructure needed for Universal computing is something Lenovo has been laying out for years, Yang said.

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In addition, He Zhiqiang, president of Lenovo Venture Capital Group, also expressed his belief that big computing power will be an important foundation for future social development and national competition, and Lenovo has a natural advantage in this field.


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