LENOVO YOGA BOOK Design, Hardware, Features Review with Coupon


The Lenovo Yoga Book is a 10-inch tablet with Android. That does not sound exciting, but it is the most special device we’ve tested this year. Why? The keyboard has no physical buttons, but is pressure sensitive and digitizes paper notes.


Yoga Book series from Lenovo is known for its flexible design and the latest model does just that participate. You can put the convertible in different positions, which due to its small thickness (less than one millimeter), low weight (690 grams) and touch-sensitive screen (touchscreen) is very convenient. But we have about the durability of the metal device doubts: Occasionally you hear strange cracking noises from the corners and the keyboard is pretty depressing. The amount of jacks is also rather thin for a convertible, with micro-HDMI, a micro SD slot and an outdated micro-USB port for charging. Some competitors Yoga Book have a fingerprint scanner, but we actually do not miss out on this product.

When off Yoga Book, it is a flat, square plate can be described as ‘boring’. But put you on the device you will see a glowing keyboard below the 10.1 inch screen. That looks weird and cool, but typing is quite difficult due to the lack of physical buttons. The touch sensitive keys, which give a short vibration to touch, feel unnatural, and are also relatively small. Touch typing requires a lot of getting used to and is less than on a normal keyboard, and most other (bluetooth) tablet keyboards tapping better. The small trackpad is clumsy and not pleasant to use.

However, the keys Yoga Book disappear with the touch of a button. Thus the true strength of the pressure-sensitive glass plate forward: you can draw on it. Lenovo provides a (also pressure sensitive) stylus pen with you wherever you draw it on the keyboard. The result is reflected on the screen; a fine structure, especially in professional sign apps. There is also another way to draw Yoga Book; with pen and paper. Also you will find in the box. If the convertible flat and is in portrait mode on a flat surface, you can put paper on the ‘Keyboard’ and then draw or write with the special ink pen. Your work will appear not only on paper but also directly on the tablet screen. Digitizing allows you (to) drawings can share online quickly and serves as a backup for when you lose your paper version. The accuracy and quality of the digital version is almost identical to the original and that’s impressive. It is also a unique feature found only on Yoga Book is.

The 10.1 inch display of the convertible looks through the full-HD resolution sharp enough. IPS technology allows for great viewing angles and brightness is more than adequate, but the color could have been slightly better.


Lenovo has equipped with powerful hardware Yoga Book. The processor is from Intel, Atom x5-Z8550, and the working and storage memory 4GB and 64GB is great. The convertible turns therefore easy and act apps and multitask without any problems.

The battery life is less impressed. The special keyboard in combination with the thin design allow probably little space for a large battery. In normal use (including some signs) Yoga Book is therefore a cramped working with. Do you use the device more in tablet mode and look for example, a few movies, then you can about nine hours ahead. That’s not bad, but competitors have a longer life.

Software: Three Choices

Yoga Book comes with Android, and is also a Windows 10 version for sale. It costs a hundred euros more and is otherwise identical to the Android version. Lenovo has announced that in 2017 there is also a model with the Chrome OS operating system is released – where the price is not yet known. For now we focus on Android, the software on our test model. The used version of Android, 6.0, Marshmallow, Lenovo’s tweaked for the 10-inch screen size and user-friendly working. The handful of installed apps sit on McAfee Antivirus from being in the way, but we are sorry that the Yoga Book is not provided with the latest software. Android 7.0 Nougat from August and offers an improved design with useful innovations, including running two apps at once. It comes into its own on a tablet, but Yoga Book will receive the Android update is expected to take several months.


The Lenovo Yoga Book is a futuristic product which is provided with a keyboard moderate, but impresses with its (digital) drawing performance. The convertible design could have been firmer, but the screen and hardware are perfectly fine. Moreover, you have the choice of two, later three operating systems. The suggested retail price of $636.44 makes him a large group of consumers less interesting, because a good Android tablet will cost around $553.70 After This Coupon Code VIPTableta13


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