Lenovo YOGA Pro 14s Released: High-Energy Thin and Light Notebook


Lenovo launched a large wave of the YOGA series of thin and light notebooks. Among them, the YOGA Pro 14s is a high-performance thin, and light notebook for creators. Dragon 6000 dual platform, as well as the world’s only 6000MHz LPDDR5 memory, optional RTX 3050 independent display.

The specifications of the YOGA Pro 14s are newly customized. The screen is not 14 or 16 inches, but a unique 14.5 inches. It adopts CNC high-end technology and 6 series aviation aluminum material. The weight is 1.52 kg and the thickness is only 15.9mm.

The screen resolution of YOGA Pro 14s is as high as 3072×1920, it also supports a 120Hz high brush, brightness is 400 nits, supports 30-120Hz adaptive refresh, chip-level color correction, color standard E is less than 1, as well as Dolby Vision, Rhine eye protection and DC eye protection and more.

In terms of configuration, YOGA Pro 14s supports AMD and Intel platforms. The former can choose Ryzen 7 6800HS, up to RTX 3050 independent display, and the memory frequency is LPDDR5-6400. The latter can choose Core i5 or i7, and the memory can be up to LPDDR5. -6000, which is much higher than Intel’s highest 5200MHz, and is also the only high-frequency LPDDR5 memory in the world.

In other respects, YOGA Pro 14s has also been optimized for applications such as content creation. Among them, it is the first time to cooperate with Adobe to optimize, PR rendering speed is increased by 50%, and video conference battery life can be extended by 30%.

Others include a 70Wh large battery, 100W PD fast charge, Harman Kardon speakers, and more. Top configuration 8999 yuan Lenovo released YOGA Pro 14s high-energy thin and light notebook: PR rendering magic oil increased by 50%

In terms of price, the i5 version of the YOGA Pro 14s is priced at 6,999 yuan, with a starting price of 6,599 yuan, the i7 nuclear version is priced at 7,999 yuan, and the initial price is 7,599 yuan.

The Ryzen version with the RTX 3050 alone is priced at 8,499 yuan, the first launch is 7,999 yuan, the Core i7 version is priced at 8,999 yuan, and the first launch is 8,799 yuan.

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