Lenovo YOGA Pro 14S Screen Specs Leaked


Today, Lenovo YOGA officially released details of the screen specs for the new YOGA Pro 14S.
The Lenovo YOGA Pro 14s will be equipped with a PURESIGHT ultra-sensitive screen with 3K resolution and 250 PPI, supporting 120Hz screen refresh rate and adaptive dynamic refresh rate.

According to the official poster, the YOGA Pro 14S supports hardware level color calibration with 1.07 billion colors, with 100% sRGB color volume and 100% sRGB color coverage.

In addition, the YOGA Pro 14S also supports hardline-level low Blue light, Eyesafe eye Protection, Ambient light adaptive and DC eye protection dimming.

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Release time, Lenovo Linlin revealed that the conference will be held at the end of the month. According to previous information, there will only be one YOGA Pro 14S in the YOGA Pro line. The new phone has a 14.5-inch screen, allowing it to fit into a larger screen for the same size.


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