Lenovo ZUK Z2 Confirms to Upgrade Android7.0 OS From Official Screenshot


ZUK Z2 as the most popular and competitive smartphone of Lenovo has announced the news that they have upgraded ZUK Z2 to Android 7.0 OS, unveiled by Lenovo Vice CEO, Chang Chen. He exposed the ZUK Z2 screenshot about Android 7.0 OS, so we can know it’s not far away ZUK Z2 Android 7.0 OS version.


When ZUK Z2 was released at its official press conference, Lenovo has made promise that they will bring ZUK Z2 Android 7.0 OS version, this kind of screenshot has fulfilled his promise. We also have introduced other Chinese smartphones like UMI Plus, Elephone P9000 have also achieved its Android 7.0 beta test. So Lenovo should catch the first step.

As you know, Lenovo ZUK Z2 uses 5inch 1080P screen, dual 2.5D curved glass, and high intensity glass fiber mid-frame,  powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, built in 3GB RAM 32GB ROM, it has front fingerprint scanner, 6 sensors, supporting netcom, it comes with dual camera with 8MP front and 13MP Back with single LED flashlight. So this kind of specs run Android 7.0 without any problem.

So if you want to buy ZUK Z2, you will enjoy ZUK Z2 Android 7.0 version soon, because Lenovo has promised to achieve by the end of this year. Stay tuned. By the way, For the Lenovo Zuk Z2, if you use the coupon code:  zukz21111, the price will become $189.19 from 219.99$. So hurry up till the coupon is valid!


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