Lenovo ZUK Z2 VS Xiaomi Redmi Pro Design, Antutu, Camera, Battery Review


Lenovo ZUK Z2 and Xiaomi Redmi Pro are hot smartphones right now, the former is the small screen flagship smartphone, the latter is the first dual rear camera smartphone for Xiaomi. They both sells at the similar price below 2,000 yuan, $300, therefore, it’s very necessary to compare this two smartphone. We igeekphone hope it will help you make the right choice between Lenovo ZUK Z2 and Xiaomi Redmi Pro.



Although ZUK Z2 is famous for small screen, in fact, it is not small, it uses 5inch 1080P IPS screen, 441 PPI pixel density.  But Redmi Pro has 5.5inch OLED screen FHD with 1920×1080 pixel screen resolution, 401ppi which is not as exquisite as ZUK Z2.

In its body, ZUK Z2 uses e glittering and translucent dual glass material, but Redmi Pro uses all metal design.

Metal and glass material have its own advantage. But we can’t say which one is better. But one thing is for sure that ZUK Z2 glass material looks more high-level than Redmi Pro.


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro back design


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro back design


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro Body


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro Body

As for dimensions, ZUK Z2 has 141.65*68.88*8.45 mm, and 149g weight. The compact design has high screen to body ratio, which is similar large to Iphone 6s.

Redmi Pro has 151.5×76.2×8.15mm, 174g weight, both are similar in thickness, but due to Redmi Pro large screen, the weight is heavier which can be understandable. But in vision, ZUK Z2 looks more exquisite than Redmi Pro!


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro Home Button


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro USB Type C


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro receiver and front camera

In addition, in function and card slot, both uses USB Type C port, supporting dual sim card, dual standby, which are practical. In general, ZUK Z2 and Redmi Pro main difference in design is that the former one is dual glass, small screen, the latter is metal design, OLED large screen. ZUK Z2 looks more beautiful and high-level compared with Xiaomi Redmi Pro.

Fingerprint Scanner

Right now fingerprint scanner is the common function for smartphones. So ZUK Z2 and Redmi Pro are no exception.


In design, ZUK Z2 and Redmi Pro both put the fingerprint sensor on the front Home button, which is same as Samsung, Apple, etc. In terms of beauty, they both are applied with the standard.


According to test, they both have fast fingerprint scanner, but ZUK Z2 support unlocking with screen off, no need to switch the power button or home button, then we can unlock. Compared with Redmi Pro, it needs to press the Home button and then unlock, so ZUK Z2 fingerprint scanner speed is faster.


It’s worthwhile to mention that Redmi Pro and ZUK Z2 both support fingerprint scanner for payment, but the latter has five function for its U-touch fingerprint ID including fingerprint recognition, back to last step with slight touch, slide from left to right or right to left to switch apps, one key to press to desktop, and press twice to enter into the historical apps. This has brought us the ultimate experience on its home button.




Therefore, they perform well in fingerprint scanner, but ZUK Z2 has more functions and unlocks faster than Redmi Pro.


In OS, Redmi Pro runs MIUI8 OS based on Android6.0 OS, and its interface and UI design continue Xiaomi style. But ZUK Z2 operates ZUI 2.0 OS based on Android 6.0.1, and forms its own ZUI operation language.

Xiaomi MIUI OS has enjoy good feedback all the time. But ZUK ZUI os catch up with the tendency.


ZUK Z2 (Left) vs Redmi Pro (Right) Locking Interface


In vision, ZUI 2.0 uses flat design, and its style looks more natural.


ZUK Z2 vs Redmi Pro Desktop

The main difference is that ZUI 2.0 uses square design which looks more clean, and MIUI 8 is more common.

In other apps design, ZUI 2.0 is more comfortable, but Redmi MIUI8 looks more practical. In general, ZUI 2.0 has five functions in U-Touch which is more personalized.





It’s known to all that ZUK Z2 is powered by Snapdragon 820 processor, 14nm processing, 2.15GHz, 64bit, Adreno 530 GPU, compared with Adreno 430, Adreno 530 has improved the performance up to 40%, and reduced the 40% power consumption. In addition, ZUK Z2 has RAM 3GB, and RAM 4GB version.


Let’s see Redmi Pro, it has been powered by Helio X20 and Helio X25 processor, Helio X20 version at 1499 yuan, $250, today we test the Redmi Pro RAM 4GB ROM 128GB Helio X25 version.


In antutu test, Redmi Pro has 77749 points, but ZUK Z2 is up to 120,000, twice more than Redmi Pro, this software gives the feedback about Redmi PRO is that the 3D performance is not good, running 3D games will be a little stuck, it recommends launching the low-image mode, after the test, it has the overheating issue. But the result of ZUK Z2 is that this phone has fast speed, and running high definition without pressure.


ZUK Z2 Performance


In battery life, ZUK Z2 is built in 3,500mAh battery, supporting dual mode high speed quick charge, up to 2.5A maximum big current charging. In One hour, it can be charged 80% power, so it can be used one day for common users. Redmi Pro has 4,000mAh battery, which is 500mAh more power than ZUK Z2. But Redmi Pro has 5.5inch larger screen which consumes the power more. Therefore, they both have similar battery life.

In network, they both support 4G network, VOLTE, netcom.


It’s necessary to know that ZUK Z2 Snapdragon 820 processor is built in Hexagon 680 SPU with very low power consumption which is the biggest highlight of Snapdragon 820. According to this sensor, ZUK Z2 can work independently from CPU to realize pedometer and activity timer. In very lower power consumption, it can check the exercise date in all real time. In addition, it takes advantage of smartphone’s sensor to improve the GPS accuracy greatly, and provided Always On Location function.

In general, in performance, ZUK Z2 can win over Redmi Pro.



In terms of hardware, ZUK Z2 uses the latest Samsung 13MP rear camera 1.34μm CMOS, restoring the real color of the scene. In addition, ZUK Z2 can also support PDAF CAF dual focuse mode to realize 0.1second fast to unlock, in snapping photos, it performs very well. And its front 8MP camera can meet our basic needs for taking selfies. And ZUK Z2 has also supported beautification for photos.

The most outstanding feature of Redmi Pro is the dual rear camera,13MP Sony IMX258 sensor, and 5MP camera to capture the depth of field information. It’s said from Xiaomi that Redmi Pro dual rear camera has the three triangle position function like our eyes, it can work at the same time to recognize the all items in the scene by rear camera so that it can take a photo about its space. But it can  extract the images of scene depth of field information to achieve outstanding subject,along with other objects like SLR camera, and realize the first taking pictures and then focus function.


ZUK Z2 VS Redmi Pro CAMER Interface

In software, ZUK Z2 has simple,friendly camera interface, supporting slow or fast motion, panoramic view, flashlight, HDR and other modes, in addition, it can support ultra 4K video.

Redmi Pro has also simple interface, and filter out for sliding around, it supports fish ey, lens or other funny modes. Let’s see photo sample. ZUK Z2 UP and Redmi Pro Down in these samples.


They both performs well in strong light outdoor.



ZUK Z2 UP and Redmi Pro Down, backlight comparison, Redmi Pro shows the purple glare.


ZUK Z2 UP and Redmi Pro Down, both open HDR mode, ZUK Z2 is more accurate in exposure.


ZUK Z2 (UP) and Redmi Pro (Down) indoor dim light comparison, Redmi Pro has higher brightness.


ZUK Z2 and Redmi Pro both have similar and battery price, but they are different in design, performance, antutu, camera. The former belongs to high-end smartphone, the latter mid-range one. So right now we know which one you should choose. By the way, you can use Coupon code: miPro to grab Xiaomi Redmi Pro 32GB SLIVER at $242.99 and Coupon code: miRedmiPro for Xiaomi Redmi Pro 64GB SLIVER at $247.99.

Compare the price from other stores:

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