LEPIN 16050 Bricks Kit Review: A 2109pcs Movie Series Old Fishing Store Model Building Blocks/For Just $59.99


The LEPIN 16050 Old Fishing Store is a LEPIN Movies building block set. The set consists of 2109 pieces and is designed for kids aged 6 – 18years. The stores feature 4 mini figures: a captain, a fisherman, a fisherwoman and a child, plus a cat and three seagull figures. This would make playing with it more interesting. let’s get to meet the toy in details


The Old Fishing Store is a very nice toy that wouldn’t only create an amazing play time but would also afford the opportunity of the kids to make good use of their brain. The toy is not that big, its what you can carry about, the whole package including the packaging box comes in a dimension of 46 * 32 * 10.5 cm and weighs 2.4kg. The beachside old fishing store features a shop packed with fishing-themed elements and a connected watchtower with a balcony and office on the lower level.


The Old Fishing Store features a long tower with different steps and windows in which the occupant can spy and look from. Inside the store, you would see a lot of fishing equipment and fishes itself. If you can, you can place any tag on the door of the store, such as gone fishing, closed, open and so on. With all this, playing with this toy would be very amazing, entertaining and educative. The Building blocks help enhance budding builders’ gross and fine motor skills and spatial awareness. DIY is always a great thing for everyone, especially for kids.
This is the best birthday, festival gift for kids at this particular point in time. With this device, you don’t have to worry about holiday gifts anymore!


The LEPIN 16050 Old Fishing Store is a very entertaining, educative and best birthday gift you can give a kid at this particular time. It is currently avaialable on TOMTOP for just $59.99.


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