Letv Le X7 Bezel-less Smartphone Prototype First Leaked


Letv website has changed its name to new Letv, and confirmed new strategy direction, the smartphone business are not included, before Letv goes bankrupt, Letv has prepared a lot of new smartphones, and we have also seen a lot of new prototypes, especially Le Max 3.

Today there is an unreleased smartphone of Letv leaked, it is said it is Le X7, meanwhile, there is the patents structure images. According to design, it continues many classic elements including bezel-less ID, symmetrical forehead, it has fingerprint scanner on the back, golden style.

But there is some change in bezel-less design, the top and two bezels have made obvious edge cutting, which is very attractive. The back camera is designed in dual vertical one, but there is not LED flash, it may be the combination of camera and LED light.

The only dual rear camera model, Letv Le Pro 3 AI version, two cameras are design in paralleled. It is designed like a smile.

According to system information, the smartphone model is LEX550, equipped with Deca core 2.3GHz processor, running EMUI 5.8 Android 6.0 OS, as for other information, we have no idea.


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